Microsoft recently revealed a revolutionary feature for Windows, Windows hello. The feature isn’t out there for users yet, and it’s presumptively under development without delay.

With its coming Windows 10 release, Microsoft is focusing on security over ever. At this year’s Microsoft Developers Build Conference, the software company tried to reaffirm the same notion. one in every of the new systems launched at Build 2015 is Windows hello.

Windows Hello?

Windows hello is company’s fresh biometric security system which will guarantee a high level of security and privacy of your sensitive information saved in your devices. this will reduce the chance of hacking or any kind of theft. So, Windows hello is the name of the Windows 10’s security system.

Just like the universal nature of Windows 10, Windows hello can run across a variety of devices, no matter the screen size – phone, tablet, phablets, laptops or powerful gaming PCs.

Windows Hello more secure than your usual password?

While using a new version of Windows Passport, this biometric security system of Windows will ask of a 4-digit PIN for login. aside from this PIN, you can connect biometric strategies like iris, face or fingerprint recognition to unlock your device.

The best part of Windows hello is that your Windows PIN and device can work together. Somehow if you lose your device, it won’t unlock without that PIN. Also, if somebody steals your PIN, it won’t on any device apart from the once connected to your account.

Pocket-lint highlights the fact that this PIN isn’t stored on some third party server or device – so it can’t be stolen simply.


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