Why Your Feet And Hands Are ALWAYS Cold (And How to Fix It!)

Your physique’s circulation system is answerable for sending blood, oxygen, and vitamins all through your physique.

When blood circulate to a selected a part of your physique is lowered, it’s possible you’ll expertise the signs of poor circulation. In this case, “cold feet and hands.”

It’s most typical in your extremities, akin to your legs and arms, nostril or ears, the place circulation is restricted.

Poor circulation isn’t a situation in itself. Instead, it outcomes from different well being points. The most typical causes embody weight problems, diabetes, coronary heart situations, arterial points and inactivity. via Healthline

How To Improve Circulation

The key to enhancing blood circulation is fixing your life-style. Increasing your bodily exercise will assist your blood vessels preserve their flexibility and power. In addition, exercising presents numerous advantages:

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