Why Sea Of Thieves Is Fun But Still Leaves Us Wanting More

Why Sea Of Thieves Is Fun But Still Leaves Us Wanting More 1

Sea of Thieves, Microsoft’s first big Xbox One console exclusive of the year and the long-awaited original game from Rare, finally arrived this week. Despite the variety of server and other issues it’s suffered from, a number of us here at GameSpot have already spent a great deal of time with it. And while it’s certainly an intriguing game, it does at times leave us wishing there were more to it, at least in the early going.

In the video above, three of our most seasoned pirates chat about their thoughts on the game so far. One of the challenges is how you play: While some find the solo experience enjoyable, it can prove frustrating. If your friends aren’t available, joining others online randomly is not always a viable option, as it can be a crapshoot as to whether you end up in a group with people who are using microphones and are willing to cooperate.

We also discuss the game’s unusual progression. The gold you accumulate through your journeys can be spent on ship “upgrades,” different-looking weapons, and new outfits, but all of these things are purely cosmetic. This keeps players on a relatively level playing field, but it also means you may not be provided with the motivation you’d hope for.

Despite all of this, there is fun to be had in Sea of Thieves, particularly when playing with friends. Although you might not be incredibly driven to earn the gold necessary to buy a fancy new hat, the emergent fun of puking on a buddy or engaging in pirate-y hijinks is notable.

For more discussion on the game, watch the full video above. Our review is still to come, but in the meantime, you can read up our impressions of it so far.