Who Died In This Week's Episode of The Strolling Lifeless?


As The Walking Dead season 9 continues, Rick continues to be making an attempt to construct peace and cooperation between the assorted settlements, however neither the Saviors nor Maggie are making it straightforward. The relative stability signifies that the variety of deaths is presently low, and there are not any main characters killed off in episode 2, “The Bridge.” Nevertheless, tensions are stirring and somebody out there’s making Saviors disappear, so it is probably not for much longer earlier than the our bodies begin piling up.

In “The Bridge,” Rick is actually bridge-building – overseeing repairs on a bridge that was revealed to have collapsed within the season premiere. Nevertheless, this course of is sophisticated by a herd of walkers which might be by accident steered proper right into a lumber crew, ensuing within the greatest casualty of the episode: Aaron’s arm!

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A cleverly designed methodology of steering a walker herd away from the settlements and the persons are work on the bridge falls aside when Savior and resident musclehead douchebag Justin fails to set off the siren that he is in control of. As a substitute of being steered away from the laborers, the herd of walkers heads straight in the direction of the realm the place Daryl, Aaron, and a bunch of Saviors are reducing down timber to create planks for the bridge. One of many Saviors, Jed, panics upon seeing the approaching walkers and lets go of the rope holding up the fallen tree that he is been pulling up onto the pile. The log falls, pinning Aaron to the bottom and crushing his arm.

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Aaron may be very practically a goner, however Daryl refuses to go away him to his destiny and fights off the oncoming walkers, then works along with the others to lever the log out Aaron’s arm. His life is saved however, sadly, there’s nothing that may be executed to save lots of his arm. Enid will get to check out her very inexperienced doctoring abilities with an amputation, and for now it appears like Aaron goes to be OK.

There are hints that some individuals could have died in “The Bridge,” because it’s famous that a number of Saviors have gone lacking: those that have been speculated to be delivering gas to Hilltop, and those that deserted the bridge challenge and headed again to Sanctuary. On the very finish of the episode Justin is approached by somebody and briefly startled, earlier than he acknowledges them. He relaxes and scolds them for creeping up on him, however then the mysterious individual assaults. Whereas it would appear to be that is the top of Justin, we’re in all probability not going to do away with him that simply. Actor Zach McGowan is credited as showing in a number of extra episodes this season, and it will truthfully be a waste to solid him within the present (McGowan has beforehand been a season common in The 100, Black Sails, and Shameless) solely to kill him off after two episodes. So, whereas the Saviors have been disappearing… they are not essentially lifeless.

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