The Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL started shipping two days ago, and people around the world have started receiving their deliveries. One of these (un)lucky people is a Reddit user who goes by the name ‘MAKES_PEOPE_MAD’, and he just received his brand new Google Pixel 2XL smartphone. All’s great and everything, just that Google forgot to load any operating system on the device.

The Reddit user started a thread on the forum along with an image of his new smartphone showing an error that reads, “Can’t find valid operating system. The device will not start.” However, the internet has come to his rescue (with their sarcasm), and have the best suggestions ever. While user Echojhawke suggested him to switch the phone off and on again, that_90s_guy showed his foresightedness by suggesting him to “download more RAM when you’re at it”.

This thread did take a little turn, but it is definitely word reading. Check out the screenshot below:


Back to the mystery of missing operating system. We checked up the link that the error message shows, and we were taken to Nexus’ Help Forum. According to the forum, there are three kinds of warnings about operating system safety, and unfortunately this one falls under neither of them.


The three category the forum mentions are: One, a case where a device has loaded a different operating system, wherein they will see a yellow caution mark on their device. Second, when it is in an “unlocked” state. This means that your operating system can’t be checked to make sure that it’s safe to use. And this warning is represented by an orange caution mark. ALSO READ: Google Pixel 2 vs Pixel: What’s different?

The third, is a red caution mark, which the case in question has too, but this is supposed to show up the warning “Your device is corrupt. It can’t be trusted and may not work properly.” Basically, for when a device has been changed or corrupted and is not safe to use. The device may not work properly and could expose user data to corruption and security risks.

While this warning doesn’t read any of the ones mentioned on the forum, going by the color schemes of the warnings, the device received by the Reddit user seems to have been corrupted. BGR India has gotten in touch with Google regarding the incidence, but an official response is awaited. ALSO READ: Google Pixel 2 XL First impressions: Feature loaded and oozes Google sweetness