The Star Trek: Deep Space Nine documentary, What We Left Behind, screened in theaters for a one-night engagement Monday, May 13th, and it wasn’t quick on revelations about one in every of Star Trek‘s most divisive sequence.

Deep Space Nine’s penchant for serialized storytelling that tended to favor politics over exploration alienated, for lack of a greater phrase, Star Trek followers who have been used to a extra conventional Star Trek format – captain, crew, ship, remaining frontier. But regardless of the preliminary reception, Deep Space Nine managed to run for seven seasons and produced among the most trenchant, memorable and sensible tales the franchise had ever seen. And it is serialized nature turned out to be forward of its time – a lot in order that the sequence has loved a renewed recognition lately as its discovered a house on streaming websites and attracted new audiences.

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It was that newfound recognition that helped encourage and ultimately crowdfund What We Left Behind, a documentary exploring Star Trek: Deep Space Nine‘s manufacturing from the attitude of the solid and crew. Directed by former showrunner, Ira Steven Behr, and that includes interviews from each member of the unique solid (archival footage was used for Avery Brooks, however his presence is felt) and segments that includes 4 former writers breaking out the season premiere of a hypothetical season 8, What We Left Behind isn’t solely a love letter to Deep Space Nine, it is a scrumptious peek behind the scenes at one in every of Star Trek‘s most sudden journeys.

Garak Was Definitely Gay In Deep Space Nine

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Garashir followers, rejoice. According to What We Left Behind, Garak, the spy-turned-tailor who lived out his “retirement” on Deep Space Nine was positively and unequivocally homosexual. Ira Steven Behr used the phrase “completely gay” if there was any doubt, and Andrew Robinson concurred throughout one in every of his personal interviews (he additionally mentioned flirting with Bashir in a soundbite that was performed over a clip of him massaging Bashir’s shoulders nearly sensually).

Behr marked Garak’s homosexuality as one thing he would’ve been clearer about had he been given the latitude, and the identical went for exploring homosexuality as a complete. In a section discussing among the controversial matters Deep Space Nine explored in depth, Behr factors out that the present dove into conflict, its aftermath and faith, however he admitted to not combating arduous sufficient on homosexuality. He refused to offer the present credit score for the kiss shared between Terry Farrell and Susannah Thompson in “Joined,” as a result of it solely scratched the floor and he believed they might’ve tried tougher to discover the subject than they did.

Paramount Pushed Back Against Deep Space Nine’s Serialization – Hard

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What We Left Behind touched closely on how groundbreaking Deep Space Nine’s foray into serialized storytelling was not solely in comparison with different Star Trek sequence, however tv as a complete. The doc spotlights season 2’s opening three-episode arc surrounding Bajoran politics that that was Star Trek‘s first such and kicked off Deep Space Nine‘s foray into the serialized fashion that might grow to be an enormous a part of its legacy. Unfortunately, regardless of how well-received the present is by at the moment’s requirements, it was combating an uphill battle with followers whereas it was on the air. And as a result of it was a syndicated present and thus not aired constantly in lots of markets, introducing serialized storytelling eradicated viewers who have been unable to observe each single week, even when they needed to.

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From the studio’s perspective, Deep Space Nine was throwing viewers away on goal, and contemplating the present was already struggling within the rankings, Paramount clearly wasn’t behind the thought of constructing it harder for viewers to leap in, a barrier episode tv would not have introduced. Thank goodness the writers have been allowed the latitude to show a deaf ear.

Armin Shimmerman Hosted Ferengi Rehearsals on Weekends

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The Ferengi subplots on Deep Space Nine have been probably the most advanced and intensive remedy the alien race got in the Star Trek franchise. They concerned a solid of recurring characters, lots of whom grew widespread in their very own proper. Armin Shimmerman served as de facto head of the brood and was identified to collect these concerned in Ferengi storylines for any given episode at his dwelling on weekends to rehearse. The vibrant histories and relationships that characterised Deep Space Nine‘s Ferengi episodes are little doubt a product of that further love and care.

No One Was Very Excited To Have Worf In Deep Space Nine

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Despite the truth that Worf, Son of Mogh, stays one in every of Star Trek’s hottest characters, and that many followers take into account him an excellent addition to Deep Space Nine, the solid wasn’t that thrilled to listen to he’d be becoming a member of their ranks. After The Next Generation ended, Michael Dorn was provided the chance to proceed the position on Deep Space Nine and as everyone knows, he took it. But the already massive ensemble had their objections.

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By and enormous, the largest frustration got here at the concept that Deep Space Nine wanted a shot within the arm of The Next Generation magic to “save” it. The publicity surrounding Dorn’s arrival painted the scenario that method, not less than. For her half, Nana Visitor apprehensive Worf’s addition would eclipse Kira’s position as Siskos’ first officer and that she could be relegated to “getting coffee.” For what it is price, Colm Meaney was simply pleased to see one other good friend from The Next Generation and was apparently unaware of any friction in any way. Luckily, no matter pressure there was did not final and earlier than lengthy it grew to become arduous to think about Deep Space Nine with out Star Trek’s favourite Klingon.

Kira Was Supposed to Have an Affair with Dukat

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Kira Nerys’ relationship with the morally grey-to-bankrupt Gul Dukat made for one in every of Deep Space Nine’s most compelling subplots. The two started with seemingly irreconcilable variations however over the course of a number of seasons bonded over their shared trauma and Dukat’s half-Bajoran half-Cardassian daughter Tora Ziyal. Kira’s feelings toward Dukat by no means grew to something greater than begrudging respect and/or tolerance, regardless of the latter’s apparent lascivious intent towards her. But that did not cease the writers from very almost turning the one-sided sexual power that permeated their scenes collectively right into a full-blown affair.

In one interview between Nana Visitor and Ira Steven Behr, Visitor animatedly remembers Behr suggesting the thought and her intense objection to it. She was so in opposition to the thought, the writers ultimately deserted it… in favor of Dukat having a relationship along with her mom, Kira Meru, as a substitute. The episode “Wrongs Darker Than Death or Night” explores what’s basically Kira’s worst nightmare, and whereas the story in and of itself stays unpalatable, the choice – undermining Kira’s character for a sexual relationship with a person she might barely stand – would’ve been worse.

The Addition of the Defiant Was Pretty Controversial

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Deep Space Nine outlined itself by its stationary place throughout the Star Trek franchise – actually. But What We Left Behind revealed that because the Dominion arc developed and they grew to become a extra formidable enemy, the producers realized runabouts made for a laughable protection in opposition to the Jem Hadar and different enemies coming via the wormhole. So, the thought to offer the station a warship took place and the Defiant was born.

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Rick Berman initially objected to the thought of introducing a ship into the present’s dynamic as a result of he felt Deep Space Nine would’ve misplaced the one factor that distinguished it from The Next Generation and Voyager. Luckily, Behr received out and the introduction of the united statesS. Defiant elevated the present’s capability to dig into fight tales, discover the Gamma Quadrant and grow to be the primary Starfleet vessel to function with a cloak.

Nana Visitor Looked At Kira As A Complete PTSD Arc

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Before Aron Eisenberg received the possibility to discover post-traumatic stress dysfunction in Deep Space Nine season 7, Kira Nerys served as a subtler instance of the situation all through her tenure on the present. According to Nana Visitor, the present decide up with Kira in season 1 after she’s simply completed an extended stint as a Bajoran freedom fighter. She’s clearly haunted by what she noticed and did throughout the Bajoran combat for freedom, however she ultimately evolves into somebody who resolves her internal turmoil and might let herself be beloved, as manifested in her relationship with Odo. Visitor identified this trajectory throughout a section of What We Left Behind that focuses on how the present handled the fallout of fight. Even for individuals who’ve watched the sequence finish to finish, this info felt like a revelation and gives followers a brand new perspective on the character, twenty years after the present’s conclusion.

The Deep Space Nine Writers Don’t Remember… Everything

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One of the documentary’s most gratifying repeat segments options former Deep Space Nine writers René Echeverria, Ron Moore, Hans Beimler and Robert Hewitt Wolfe forming a one-day writers’ room during which they break an imagined season Eight premiere. One of the funniest parts of these interludes is when it turns into obvious the individuals who conceived almost all the pieces within the present do not keep in mind some key particulars. They argue over the spelling of Qo’nos, the Klingon homeworld, and when discussing Ezri, argue over how she got here to own the Dax symbiont after Jadzia’s demise. Was she on Deep Space Nine when Jadzia died and was the one Trill inside vary? The bit serves as yet one more reminder that Star Trek followers are often higher keepers of lore than the creators…

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Nog Dies in Deep Space Nine Season 8…

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One of probably the most compelling components of the documentary is watching the premiere of the hypothetical Star Trek: Deep Space season Eight mapped out. And by the sound of it, it will have been unbelievable – except you are a Nog fan. The teaser options Nog as captain of a ship trying to outrun a cloaked ship that is attacking him. He simply barely makes it via the wormhole and catches sight of Deep Space Nine earlier than we minimize to the station to see his ship burst into smithereens. Roll credit. His demise units off a thriller that guarantees to propel your entire season ahead, particularly once we discover out who was attacking him.

Season 8 Dr. Bashir is the Head of Section 31

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In the hypothetical Deep Space Nine season Eight premiere, twenty years have handed because the occasions of “What You Leave Behind, and the panorama of the station and the lives of her former inhabitants are a lot modified. Kira’s a Vedek, the station is a shrine, Miles is again on Earth instructing at Starfleet Academy, and Ezri and Julian are fortunately married and serving on a starship collectively. But what we discover out in Act V of the finale, is that Section 31 is actively working to destabilize a Bajor that is rising as a army energy. Who’s answerable for that operation? Dr. Julian Bashir. Whether or not his spouse is aware of about his secret identification is one thing Behr and Co. did not get to, however our headcanon says no.

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