What if Irrfan Khan’s Mano Ya Na Mano reality show came back for the third time?

Love it or hate it, you can’t contest the fact that Indian television writes its own rules.

From countless reincarnations to daily sexism, just tune in and you will constantly find something that will leave you bewildered. However, some shows, which are now sadly defunct, stand out in the crowd.

Therefore, we envision what these shows could/would look like if they were brought back in today’s time and here is our take.


Do you remember the show which was basically the epitome of what uninformed white people think India is? We’re talking Mano Ya Na Mano with Irrfan Khan.

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Does this ring a bell? Image from Twitter/@storiesfromworld

Yep, THAT show which had us sitting wide-eyed, soaking in a calm yet engaging Irrfan Khan, India’s equivalent of Jack Palance (the primary host of Ripley’s Believe It or Not!, which ‘inspired’ Mano Ya Na Mano).

Say what you want, but MYNM was a great show and if it came back for a third installment, these are the stories that the makers could probably feature in their episodes:

Mano Ya Na Mano, All Splitsvilla contestants have an undergrad degree this season

The dumping ground; A contestant during a 'task'. Images from Twitter. @splitsvilla and @boldlybutera

The dumping ground; A contestant during a ‘task’. Images from Twitter. @splitsvilla and @boldlybutera

The world will lose its sh*t if this ever happens. And if this ever happens, the United Nations will declare the ‘dumping ground’ a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The contestants, when they’re not trash-talking and doing tasks which require immense aptitude, will have a 20-minute debate on why we shouldn’t think the show is rigged.

Mano Ya Na Mano, Transformers director Michael Bay to assist Rohit Shetty in Singham Returns…Again

Images from Twitter/@michaelbay and @tileshouse1

Michael Bay, Ajay Devgn and Rohit Shetty. Images from Twitter/@michaelbay and @tileshouse1

In an interview given to villahungama.com, Michael Bay revealed he will be joining acclaimed filmmaker Rohit Shetty as an assistant in Singham Returns…Again. Sources close to the Transformers director have revealed that Bay was left in awe of Shetty’s spectacular camerawork after watching Golmaal Again and when he heard about Shetty looking for an unpaid intern..err..assistant, he took the first flight to Mumbai.

Mano Ya Na Mano, Bigg Boss is actually a low-budget Hindi remake of Black Mirror

A still from Bigg Boss and Black Mirror. Images from Twitter/@VisvyaBuzz @AlRiMart

A still from Bigg Boss and Black Mirror. Images from Twitter/@VisvyaBuzz @AlRiMart

Makers of Black Mirror have revealed that Bigg Boss, the Indian reality show is actually a low-budget remake of the English dystopian anthology-series and not Big Brother. Although the producers of the Indian counterpart did not have enough funds to emulate Black Mirror as we understand it, the contestants made up for what was missing. The inmates were chosen after holding nationwide auditions and have been selected purely on the bases of bad behaviour, sensibilities and past record.

Mano Ya Na Mano, it wasn’t Salman Khan driving; it was Taarzan: The Wonder Car

Taarzan: The Wonder Car. Image from Twitter.

Taarzan: The Wonder Car. Image from Twitter.

We have finally found the answer that was troubling the whole nation for a long, long time. Who was driving Salman Khan’s car that unfortunate night? It was the dream car of every 90s kid — Taarzan: The Wonder Car. Who else could it be?

We will be back again next week, with another revival. Till then, have fun laughing at this mayhem.


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