Want To Know How Much it Costs Apple to Build New iPhone 6s?

New iPhones are released and people have started pre-ordering the phones using different channels.

According to the analysis, Apple will pay about $234 for its parts used in the new iPhones. So what are the parts that cost you the most? How about we let you know about them one by one.

$127 for semiconductor pieces
$36 for the various cellular radios
$20 for 64GB flash memory
$25 for the new A9 processor
$22 for sensors like NFC, fingerprint etc
$73 for screen, camera, and battery
$33 for the case of phone

It should be noticed that an unlocked 64GB iPhone 6s has an starting retail price of $749. It doesn’t mean that Apple is saving about $500 on each iPhone as there are manufacturing, distribution as well as promotional costs as well.

iphone-6s-cost-appleApple typically pays the Foxconn Technology about $8 to $11 for assembly and testing. Including these, we could roughly arrive at a price of $250, which is $20 more than the cost of iPhone 6.

This demonstrates that even with the general changes made in its item and more modern segments used, Apple has the capacity chopped down the expanded expenses.