Real Star Upendra has come back to heading following a crevice of five years with “Uppi 2”. The film is prepared for discharge one month from now.

The Kannada star performing artist and executive has wrapped up his “Uppi 2” shooting timetable without buildup. The standard tricks and exposure tricks connected with his movies are not a piece of the flick, which is a spin-off of his blockbuster motion picture “Upendra”.

The Kannada motion picture will have its audio release on 17 July. The makers of the movie are required to report the date of the music dispatch on the day.

It has likewise been affirmed that “Uppi 2” will hit theaters in August, presumably around Independence Day.

In the mean time, the film is confronting copyright infringement charges from a little time essayist who has blamed Upendra for taking his story.

This is not the first run through Upendra has been blamed for literary theft.

He needed to confront comparative assertions for his “Super” and “Katariveera Surasundarangi” however the charges ended up being false.

Upendra’s wife and performer Priyanka is obviously annoyed with the literary theft charge over “Uppi 2” and has communicated her misery on Facebook.

“Profoundly bothered with every one of these inquiries regarding the Uppi 2 script. Uppi has been taking a shot at this script for a long time and he has put his blood and sweat into this film. It is extremely unlikely we will endure any false affirmations about the script. He has worked night and day as a performing artist, chief, scriptwriter, lyricist and given his absolute entirety to this venture .After being in the business for a quarter century and with the affection and admiration of such a variety of fans I think he doesn’t merit this. I don’t for the most part compose much on online networking yet I felt this should have been be cleared up,” composed Priyanka.