UFO over California

So many people said that they have seen a strange lights over southern California. Many have posted videos of the strange phenomena to social media. So far there are several theories about what they could be.Many UFO hobbyists have said that the lights belong to a Alien spacecraft but there are contrarian views as well. AccuWeather reported that this time of the year, fireballs light up the night sky. Each year the Earth passes through a stream left by the Comet Encke. The peak of the Taurid Meteor Shower is expected to occur from Nov. 5 through Nov. 12. There may be enhanced activity this year.

While Orange County Sheriff Department confirms that it was a rocket test fired by the Navy off the coast of Southern California. It is not known why the Orange County Sheriff Department did not publicise the event earlier and came out with a clarification only after the sightings. There was another report from within the US government that the UFO sightings were in fact a test rocket by the Air Force. Kern County Fire Department told CBS Los Angeles the light was caused by a test rocket launched at Edwards Air Force Base.

Los Angeles International Airport is changing flight patterns because of “mysterious maneuvers” over the Pacific, according to KABC-TV. A portion of airspace over the ocean is closed for military operations.