TWIICE One Exoskeleton furthers the promise of robotic mobility aids


Few issues on the planet of expertise can actually ever be mentioned to be “carried out,” and definitely exoskeletons usually are not amongst their quantity. They exist, however they’re all works in progress, costly, heavy, and restricted. So it’s nice to see this group working repeatedly on their TWIICE robotic wearable, improving it immensely with the steering of motivated customers.

TWIICE made its debut in 2016, and like all exoskeletons it was extra promise made than promise stored. It’s a lower-half exoskeleton that helps and strikes the legs of somebody with restricted mobility, whereas they help themselves on crutches. It’s removed from excellent, and the rigidity and weight of programs like this make them too dangerous to deploy at scale for now.

However two years of refinement have made a world of distinction. The exoskeleton weighs the identical (which doesn’t matter because it carries its personal weight), however helps heavier customers whereas imparting extra drive with its motors, which have been built-in into the physique itself to make it far much less cumbersome.

Maybe most significantly, nevertheless, the entire equipment can now be donned and activated by the person all by herself, as Swiss former acrobat and now handcycling champion Silke Pan demonstrated in a video. She levers herself from her wheelchair into the sitting exoskeleton, attaches the fasteners on her legs and trunk, then prompts the system and stands proper up.

She then proceeds to climb extra stairs than I’d quite try. She is an athlete, in any case.

That form of independence is usually crucially vital for the bodily disabled for a mess of causes, and clearly reaching the potential has been a spotlight for the TWIICE group.

Though the exoskeleton has been labored on as a analysis venture throughout the Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne (EPFL), the plan is to spin off a startup to commercialize the tech because it approaches viability. The extra they make and the extra individuals use these units — regardless of their limitations — the higher future variations shall be.


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