Threat to chrome browser beware of it


A malware known as eFast Browser is deleting your original chrome browser and instead of that it is installing by itself. It will become your default browser and will take you to all unnecessary ads. Not only that it will share your activity log to all third parties.

The researchers at Malwarebytes state that this malware deletes Google Chrome and replaces it by installing itself as your default internet browser. This isn’t the end – the malware makes itself the default program for opening multiple files like html, .jpg, .gif, .pdf and web links.

How to find it:

To spot the eFast browser malware, you need to look in the settings. Malwarebytes writes: “It isn’t until you look in the settings that you spot the “about eFast” entry in the menu (or if you type “chrome://chrome” in the address bar).”

After spotting the eFast browser malware in you PC, all you need to do is go to the installed programs list and uninstall the “eFast 000.110010107” entry.

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