Thor: Ragnarok Projected For Big Global Box Office Opening

Box office projections for Thor: Ragnarok‘s global debut point to a big opening for the latest Marvel Cinematic Universe installment. Domestic fans are over a week away from seeing the latest that Marvel Studios has to offer, but audiences overseas have already begun to experience the new start to the Thor franchise. Ragnarok signifies a shift in the Asgardian-set series with director Taika Waititi infusing it with humor, style, and vibrant colors, yet maintaining the grand scale audiences have come to expect.

Every indicator points to Thor: Ragnarok being a hit across the world thanks to universal positive reviews. This positive buzz has helped increase projections domestically to a $100 million opening, but the money is already starting to come in internationally. Thanks to an early start, Ragnarok is now in theaters and is on track for a big opening in those markets.

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Deadline reports that Thor: Ragnarok is projected to pull in anywhere between $85-$100 million in its international debut. The report notes that some projections have even gone above $100M, but that tracking overseas is even less accurate then it is for domestic. Ragnarok began playing in some markets yesterday, so it may only be a matter of time before official figures start to roll in. By Friday, it will be available in 35 markets, including the UK, France, Brazil, Italy, Spain, Korea, and more.

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Should Ragnarok be able to meet or even exceed these projections in its first few days, it will be a great start for the film. Overseas launches are tricky to compare as each movie has a different rollout, but international numbers continue to become more important. It will be paramount for Ragnarok to perform well in these markets if this installment wants to do significantly better than previous installments worldwide.

It is important to mention that this is just the beginning of Ragnarok‘s run, and three major markets will have a simultaneous launch next week. Next Thursday will see the film debut in a preview rollout in the US, but it is also scheduled to have a same day release in China and Japan. Marvel movies typically do very well domestically, and the tracking previously mentioned indicates this should be another hit for Marvel Studios. But, China and Japan are two very important markets for major blockbusters now. Thanks to the same day launch in these three markets, Ragnarok should be able to boast a very big second weekend globally. Just how big that total will be depends on this opening launch, so Marvel is surely hoping to top these projections.

Source: Deadline