Thor: Ragnarok – Director Taika Waititi reveals alternate post-credits scene for Chris Hemsworth-starrer

Mid and post-credits scenes have become a recurring staple in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and Thor: Ragnarok continued the tradition. The third installment of Marvel’s Thor film franchise saw Chris Hemsworth reprise his role as the hammer-wielding superhero — without a hammer — held hostage on a futuristic planet controlled by an eccentric hedonist played by Jeff Goldblum.

Wait, what?


The Grandmaster introduces himself to Thor in the film. YouTube

The Grandmaster introduces himself to Thor in the film. YouTube screengrab

Well, it turns out Thor has a long-lost sister, Hela (Cate Blanchett), who was apparently locked away because she was one-dimensionally super-evil but to keep the plot moving, she, of course, escapes. She’s obviously angry and casts Thor to another dimension before taking over the throne in Asgard.

In bizarro Goldblum’s planet, Thor is forced to fight his fellow Avenger, Hulk. Lots of quips, CGI-enabled destruction and mayhem ensue, and the writers wrap it all up in pretty little bows as the credits start rolling.

The mid-credits scene shows Loki visit Thor in his quarters as both debate whether relocating to Earth is a smart idea after their celestial home of Asgard home is destroyed by their vengeful sister. As they look out to the vast expanse of the universe in a shimmer of hope, a large spaceship appears in front of theirs presumably foreshadowing the arrival of Thanos and the events of Avengers: Infinity War.

The post-credits scene shows the manipulative Grandmaster convince the Sakaarian rebels that he played a pivotal role in their revolution reasoning that they needed someone to rise against. “It’s a tie!” the ruler of Sakaar jokingly declares.

That said, the film’s director Taika Waititi revealed he had shot two post-credits scenes with different fates for the Grandmaster. In an interview with Collider, the director talks of an alternate post-credit scene.

“It was a last minute decision. And the other thing at the end, with The Grandmaster, was something we shot on Gold Coast that was something I planned for a long time. It was either going to be that or it was going to be Topaz and Grandmaster stowing away on the ship at the end… That could be on the DVD in the deleted scenes, those two in the crowd of the Asgardians and he pushes through and goes, ‘I’ve never heard of this Earth place but… We got to keep a low profile.’ And they kind of put these blankets over their heads and disband into the crowd.”

While the alternate ending would not have been all that relevant to the MCU storyline, it does leave you hoping for a separate story arc of the Grandmaster’s adventures on Earth. Or perhaps, a Netflix show?