The Stage 3 elimination: Das Vegas talk about their journey, future plans and what each judge taught them


The Stage 3 saw the elimination of the dynamic sister-duo Das Vegas from the Top 12 contestants on this week’s episodes of the musical reality show after their act was one of the four to be benched the previous week alongside Siddhant, Zoe, and Lekka.

Firstpost caught up exclusively with Jannabi Das and Chayanksh Das popularly known as the Das Vegas sisters and talked all things music along with reliving their Stage 3 journey with them.

The Das Vegas sisters on The Stage 3. Image from Twitter.

The Das Vegas sisters on The Stage 3. Image from Twitter.

How was the experience of being on a national platform like The Stage and what was your journey like?

It was a dream come true. We’d always wanted to participate in The Stage. We’ve followed all the seasons. This time when they introduced groups we were even more excited about it. Me and my sister Chayanksh formed our duet band Das Vegas last December only, and it was formed for the sole purpose of participating in other reality shows which were going creative and allowing group participation.

The journey has been fantastic, it feels amazing to be a part of the Top 12 and be the only duet across the nation to have made it through, and it was a big achievement for us.

The Das Vegas sisters on The Stage 3. Image from Twitter/@DevrajSanyal

The Das Vegas sisters on The Stage 3. Image from Twitter/@DevrajSanyal

What were the toughest challenges that you faced as artists, especially as a duo?

As a duet, the main challenge was to get the structures of the songs ready, and to sync it completely. For duet performances it’s always a little tough. When you’re performing solo it’s a little easier to pull it off on stage — like if you miss out on something, you can go creative and improvise and change it right there and then. When it’s a duet you can’t do that. You have to compliment each other and support each other on stage. Even if someone makes a mistake and goes crazy on the stage, someone has to balance it.

How much do you think the judges helped you grow on your journey?

A lot. Everytime we had a performance, the judges used to give us feedback and they always used to appreciate the fact that we incorporated all the feedback that they had previously given us. We both got out of our comfort zone and they totally recognised it and motivated us to work harder. We still have all their advice in our head and we’ll keep working on it.

Who was your favourite judge and why?

It’s difficult to pick a favourite cause all four of them are so awesome in their own ways. We have a favourite quality in each of them. The one thing they have in common for which we love them is that they’ve been such great mentors. In such less time, they managed to pick out our strengths and weakness.

Monica (Dogra) is amazing. She helped us in putting our emotions into the song and bringing out the X-Factor. Ehsaan (Noorani) is the sweetest. He always used to notice the nitty gritties of the arrangements that we used to create. Vishal (Dadlani) is the coolest. He’s one guy who can talk artist-to-artist. When he talks he doesn’t behave like a judge. He’s very friendly. He gets right into the reality and practicality of the music industry. About Debraj (Sanyal) — it’s great that even after participating on a show that has music covers, Debraj talked to all of us about our original music, because he understands that we are artists that like to create. He always wanted to know what we all did apart from The Stage. He also gave us tips on how to portray ourselves on social media.

Who is your favourite contestant?

We have a lot of favourites but if you really want us to pick, we think Siddhant is our favourite. He has everything going for him to win this kind of show. He has the X-factor, he has a tremendous ear for music. He’s a pitch perfect kind of guy.

Which performance of yours on The Stage do you cherish the most?

The one we did not perform would’ve been our favourite — ‘Ain’t Your Mama’ by Jennifer Lopez. It was the performance that we had incorporated all the feedback that the judges had given us over the weeks. Unfortunately we did not get to perform it because we got eliminated, but that song would’ve really surprised the judges. We were really hoping to sing that song.

Going forward, what are your future plans?

We have multiple plans. We both are teachers and we teach kids how to learn music in a very customised manner. We teach them to recognise their strengths and come up with their own weaknesses and be self-learners and not depend on us. We both are coming up with a music video with a couple of our kids. That’s the plan. The Stage really made us get out of our comfort zone. We have started to identify ourselves as a duet now more than ever. We are also hoping to venture into the international market.


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