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Am I the one one who finds it fascinating to know the Myers-Briggs kind of fictional characters?

I assume not, otherwise you wouldn’t be right here!

Perhaps it’s a curiosity factor, and I simply need to know extra concerning the world I’m studying about and watching— I’ve at all times been drawn in by good, layered characters greater than anything. Or possibly it’s an ego factor, and I need to know who’s most like me, to match and distinction the variations and similarities with. Both approach, I like realizing extra concerning the characters I already really feel I do know so effectively. Since Harry Potter is a world I grew up obsessive about, in fact, I need to discover the professors slightly extra. Listed below are 10 Myers-Briggs personalities for our favourite Hogwarts professors.

10. Albus Dumbledore: ENFJ, The Protagonist

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Dumbledore is a traditional ENFJ. ENFJs are lecturers, leaders. They have an inclination to attract folks in with how charismatic they’re, mesmerizing everybody they arrive involved with. Dumbledore is nearly textbook, really. He even makes a speech firstly of each faculty 12 months designed to encourage, and on the subject of private pep talks, he’s at all times there to maintain Harry going, too.

If anybody is exemplary of a instructor, it’s Dumbledore. Positive, he had his many different faults—like mendacity and manipulating, oh expensive—however you possibly can’t deny he at all times excelled within the space of motivation and inspiration. ENFJ it’s!

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9. Minerva McGonagall: ESTJ, The Govt

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After which there are the ESTJs. They aren’t half dangerous at motivating folks both, however they are usually managers greater than anything. Outspoken and blunt, they’re good at conserving folks in line and have a tendency to make wonderful supervisors in jobs.

Doesn’t this simply scream Minerva McGonagall?

She’s good-hearted however tends to be exhausting on her college students to attract the very best from them, and isn’t at all times the very best at being emotionally supportive. Nonetheless, she at all times needs her college students to do the very best that they will. All the things she does is geared round ensuring they succeed of their makes an attempt.

8. Alastor Moody: ENTJ, The Commander

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ENTJs could be a little scary — no offense, ENTJs. Though, a few of them most likely take pleasure in being known as slightly scary at instances as a result of it’s what makes folks hearken to them. That doesn’t make them dangerous or overbearing folks, it simply makes them wonderful commanders.

We didn’t see a lot of the actual Alastor Moody within the collection due to Barty Crouch Jr. impersonating him, but when the impersonation is believed to be correct—and it will need to have been as a result of it fooled even Dumbledore—he was nothing in need of a superb commander, good at main folks and getting outcomes.

You go, Mad-Eye!

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7. Horace Slughorn: ENFP, The Campaigner

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Slughorn is a good, if underrated, character as a result of he’s one of many characters who show the stereotype of Slytherins is totally fallacious. Individuals love to consider Slytherins as irredeemable evil folks, and though Slughorn had his faults, he undoubtedly wasn’t evil.

He’s a tough one to pinpoint however appears to be an ENFP. He was at all times able to smile and very sociable— really, he was a whole social climber, desperate to network and connect with those that he felt had something to offer him. It isn’t essentially an admirable trait, however the truth he was at all times so heat is, and that’s one of many optimistic issues about an ENFP.

6. Gilderoy Lockhart: ESFP, The Entertainer

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Oh, Lord. Sorry, ESFPs. We all know you aren’t all like Gilderoy Lockhart. However the truth is, he was an ESFP. He was an entertainer, at all times prepared to placed on a present, at all times able to be the centre of consideration. The one downside with Lockhart is that he took it approach too far, mendacity to get consideration, taking credit score for different folks’s deeds, and simply usually not being prepared (or ready) to maintain his ego in verify.

He was an ESFP gone fallacious — one in every of them taken to the acute.

An ESFP’s traits could be good and pleasurable, however it is a adverse instance of the character kind. Every type have them!

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5. Filius Flitwick: ISTJ, The Logician

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Ah, lastly. An introvert!

Filius Flitwick is head of Ravenclaw, which implies that it’s fully guessable that he’s an ISTJ. ISTJs are usually very sensible, dependable, very logic-based — every thing about this screams Ravenclaw, who are usually the extra studious, sensible home.

We sadly didn’t see an excessive amount of of Flitwick over the course of the collection, however from what we did see, he was a really logical man who took each optimistic trait from his home and confirmed them off inside himself. Makes excellent sense that Dumbledore wished him to be head of Ravenclaw and set that shining instance for the remainder of his college students.

4. Severus Snape: INTJ, The Architect

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As an INTJ, I’m not tremendous thrilled at admitting Snape is an INTJ. There’s an awesome debate on the planet about whether or not Snape was a hero or not, however he was nonetheless a cruel bully who abused his energy. Sadly, I don’t prefer to suppose I’m in the identical character space as him. That doesn’t make me sound superb.

However whether or not I prefer it or not, Snape did show all of the traits of an INTJ, together with the great ones. He was very cautious and logical, managing to execute a years-long plan and idiot even Voldemort, who may learn minds. That’s not simply an INTJ, it’s one who’s good at what they do.

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3. Remus Lupin: INFJ, The Advocate

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I want we had seen extra of Remus Lupin within the motion pictures — and the books, really. He was undoubtedly an idealist and really inspiring. Regardless of his situation of being a werewolf, he was at all times superb at conserving optimistic, which is de facto fairly unbelievable when you consider the ache he was going by each month. Remus deserved higher!

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He was undoubtedly an INFJ, at all times prepared to stay up for the underdog. Effectively, in his later life anyway, when he had grown into himself. Maybe not in school… However typically, it takes folks some time to get to know themselves and settle into their character kind.

2. Dolores Umbridge: One other ESTJ, The Govt

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It was unimaginable to not embody Umbridge. Let’s simply have a look at the 2 sides of any character kind coin.

Umbridge is… vile, each within the books and the films. She’s a bully and later seems to be a little bit of a blood supremacist. She tortures Harry for attempting to inform the reality and defend folks. She’s really, objectively, terrible.

And but, she’s the identical character kind as Minerva McGonagall.

It simply goes to point out that character traits can be utilized for good or for evil, relying on how somebody chooses to dwell their life. Umbridge is an government too, she’s only a imply one.

1. Rubeus Hagrid: ISFP, The Adventurer

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We couldn’t finish on an Umbridge word. It’d be simply too miserable.

Hagrid is an ISFP; he’s a real adventurer. He takes in creatures that might harm or kill him and not using a second thought, involved solely about residing life to the fullest. He fortunately accepted a harmful mission to enter the mountains and search for giants, and apparently didn’t as soon as hesitate due to the thought that they could kill him. He’s a real adventurer and an instance of an ISFP. All ISFPs ought to be happy with him — even when it’s wise to have much less of a loss of life want than Hagrid.

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