The main concern for Indian students preparing for the exam is mathematics-science: survey A survey of

Brain survey surveyed over 5000 students from Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad and other cities across the country. At this time of tests, students from all over the country are preparing the study material stacks and trying to avoid their anxiety. In order to understand the general attitude of the students during the exams, Brainley, the largest online peer-to-peer learning community in the world, recently conducted a survey for their user base in India. Around 5000 students were actively involved in the nation, and the survey from Hyderabad revealed key points of the concerns of the exam. In this survey, mathematics and science have shown that students from Hyderabad are the worst subjects. Over 50% of students are struggling for these two subjects. In addition, 48% of them felt that students needed to improve in these matters. The discovery reveals the need for a different approach to more deeper understanding of the concepts in mathematics and science. In addition, it is also considered to be a major priority for more than 30% of the language content in English and English. To prepare themselves along with other factors, students are following a number of methods. The majority of books and notes were enjoyed with 45%, online platforms and sources (40%) and private tutors (10%) were willing to practice good practice and practice. Stress and performance are one of the major problems of each student during anxiety tests. In the given options, students are more likely to forget their learning and learn what they learn. These students are struggling to meet their own expectations about their parents' hopes and aspirations, as well as avoiding better performance and failures for others. Most students listening to music, listening to movies, watching games, taking a little sleep. This survey provides a clear understanding of how students are preparing for exams across India and their extensive efforts. Speaking for the survey, Michel Bourkowski, co-founder and CEO, Braini … “India is a fastest growing community of Brain. We have noticed that Indian students are well aware of the importance of exams, and are constantly searching for effective methods to learn from time to time. A major concern for Hyderabad students preparing for exams is mathematics & science as well as the language subjects. Brainley is currently helping students learn about various things related to English and is more traumatic for students in this subjects. “With 15 million monthly Indian user-base growing monthly, Brainy emerged as a major tool for educating the digital age through its peer-to-peer learning system , Exam Braini helps you prepare better for their exams by understanding the critical academic concepts for students preparing to study.