The Lion King: 10 Myers-Briggs Persona Varieties Of Simba & The Gang


With the latest release of the teaser trailer for the live-action retelling of Disney’s The Lion King, it looks like the best time to get right into a persona evaluation of the primary characters. The characters in The Lion King are a number of the most complicated in the entire Disney vault. This will have one thing to do with the truth that they’re (loosely) primarily based on William Shakespeare’s play, Hamlet. However it might additionally must do with the themes of accountability, lineage, jealousy, and anger that thread by the epic journey of Simba.

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This record will delve into a few of The Lion King‘s most well-known characters by utilizing the great Myers-Briggs Persona Take a look at. So, with out additional ado, listed below are 10 Lion King persona sorts.

10. Simba – ENFP

Simba is the character in The Lion King that goes by probably the most change. Because of this he wasn’t all the time an ENFP, in any other case generally known as a “Campaigner”. However his entire journey led him to develop into who he was born to be.

Simba was all the time somebody who felt deeply, and that is one thing that he does not lose by the top of the film. Actually, his complete life he tended to be led by his emotions versus his extra logical thoughts. Typically, he’s very enthusiastic, which is a part of what makes him so likable. However as soon as unhealthy issues occurred to him, he let his emotions get the perfect of him. These are all traits of a “Campaigner”.

9. Scar – INTJ

It ought to come as no shock that Scar is an “Architect”. In any case, he does plan Mufasa’s demise and the banishment of Simba from The Satisfaction Lands. Those that are incredibly smart can typically discover themselves on this class, and though one might say that Scar was a number of horrible issues, they’d by no means say he was dumb. He’s additionally extremely self-confident, however this leads him to insurgent in opposition to the power structures above him as he feels he’s higher than what he’s experiencing. So, him taking the throne is about greater than just ruling for the sake of it.

However like most “Architects”, Scar can also be very paranoid. This implies he does not have a stable grasp on actuality, and is linked to the way in which that he allowed the assets of the Satisfaction Lands to run dry.

8. Rafiki – INFJ

The Myers-Briggs Persona Take a look at would greater than possible put Rafiki within the “Advocate” class. It’s because he’s a key mentor, confidant, and ally of Simba. Moreover, he’s additionally very secretive about his intentions and actions, even when they are well-intentioned. Being personal is normally one of many adverse traits of an “Advocate”, however in Rafiki’s case it typically comes throughout as considerably inspiring.

Always, Rafiki is insightful and convincing. On high of which, he’s creative. We solely want to have a look at his dwelling to see that. That is what makes him such a likable character, in addition to an “Advocate”.

7. Zazu – ESTJ

Unquestionably, Zazu would be an “Executive”. It’s because he not solely follows the foundations himself, however he additionally desires others to as nicely. That is what makes him so annoying to Simba and Nala as youngsters. He all the time desires them to do what their dad and mom inform them to. And, in the event that they did not, he could be the primary to tell on them.

However with that trait comes honesty. One can all the time count on Zazu to be as direct and open about his emotions as doable. He’s additionally an excellent organizer and is totally devoted to these he loves. However, Zazu can also be very judgemental and finds it exceedingly difficult to chill out.

6. Shenzi – ESTP

The hyenas are fairly totally different from each other, which makes them (and their group dynamic) so attention-grabbing to observe. Unquestionably, Shenzi is the chief of the pack. And if she had been to take a Myers-Briggs take a look at, she would come out as an “Entrepreneur” or ESTP. It’s because she may be very daring, perceptive, and rational compared to Banzai and Ed who would each be “Virtuosos”.

In contrast to the opposite two, Shenzi is aware of tips on how to make Scar happy. She is aware of what she and her hyena buddies have to do with a purpose to climb the ranks and get what they want, however she can also be quite impatient and fully misses the larger image. This is the reason all of them went hungry underneath Scar’s management.

5. Timon – ESTP

Identical to Shenzi, Timon could be categorized as an ESTP or an”Entrepreneur”. It’s because he’s mainly the organizer of his life with Pumbaa. He’s extremely sociable, and has no downside making pals with completely anybody he wants (or desires) to be pals with. This sociability comes out in his humorousness as nicely.

Like different “Entrepreneurs”, Timon is also perceptive. That is how he is ready to see the connection between Simba and Nala so simply. Timon additionally misses the bigger picture, although. Or, he does at first. Ultimately, he realizes that he cannot (or should not) simply sit round, eat, and sing all day lengthy. He wants to assist face down adversity with Simba.

4. Pumbaa – ESFP

Pumbaa is a really warm-hearted type of man. That is one of the reasons he could be an “Entertainer” if he took the Myers-Briggs Persona Take a look at. He’s all the time one to make others giggle, and is unquestionably an extrovert and superb with others. Not solely does he pay attention to others, however he loves when folks take note of him.

Nonetheless, he may also be delicate and averse to conflict. It is one of many causes it takes him some time to return round to serving to Simba out on the finish of the movie. Pumbaa additionally has no long-term plans, nor does he have the power to essentially deal with any given job. These are all basic indicators of an “Entertainer”.

3. Sarabi – ISFJ

Given the restricted function of girls within the unique Lion King, it should not be shocking that Simba’s mom, Sarabi, could be categorized as a “Defender”. That’s the quintessential role of a mom, in any case. Though her function is proscribed in the movie (in addition to the play to some extent) we do get sufficient info to categorise her this fashion.

Sarabi may be very hard-working and constant to her household. This makes her the stereotypical spouse to the king. She can also be dependable and affected person, even in terms of Simba performing out when he was youthful. However being a “Defender” additionally implies that folks on this class tend to be shy or repress their emotions. Sarabi actually needed to do the latter once Scar took over, and he or she did it nicely.

2. Nala – ESFJ

Nala has all of the qualities of a “Consul”. It’s because she exhibits an unimaginable sense of obligation to the Satisfaction Lands even when Scar took over. Her loyalty to her pride is the whole lot, and that is why she took the journey to this point out looking for meals.

However Nala’s sense of duty additionally implies that she is liable to being very inflexible and rigid. Simba even remarks that Nala sounds quite a bit like his father, who had a number of the identical traits. However Nala can also be a really bubbly and aggressive teen. She is aware of tips on how to have enjoyable, and tips on how to really feel. This makes her a good match for Simba and likewise makes her one of many stronger characters within the movie.

1. Mufasa – ENFJ

An ENFJ, in any other case generally known as a “Protagonist”, could be the classification that this lion would fall underneath. It’s because Mufasa is effortlessly charismatic. He is aware of tips on how to charm everybody, and is a pure born chief. Mufasa can also be very altruistic, as all “Protagonists” are.

However with these superb traits come features that may go away folks (or lions) open to make errors. As an example, Mufasa is definitely probably the most idealistic characters in The Lion King. This allowed him to get caught off-guard by these searching for to change issues up… and that is precisely what happens along with his brother, Scar. Regardless, the traits that make him a “Protagonist” are why we love Mufasa in The Lion King.

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