While many mobile operators claim to be offering 4G (LTE) connectivity with speeds up to 50 Mbps, the true story highlighted in the report shows that the number stands in single digits at 8.18 Mbps right now, while the global average stands at a staggering 52.3 Mbps.

This average has been accrued from data received from multiple users across the country. In terms of broadband speed availability, the report puts India at number 74 on the list with an average speed of 16.26Mbps, which is put to shame by the global average of 154 Mbps.

We all know that India is a price conscious market, where everyone looks to rake best value for any service taken. But this price sensitivity has meant our speed standards are nowhere close to matching global peers, and for an emerging global economy, that needs quick redressal.

No point consuming 100 crore GB worth of data, if the service provided doesn’t meet global standards.


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