The area pen grew to become the area pen 50 years in the past

Everybody is aware of in regards to the area pen. NASA spent tens of millions on R&D to create the final word pen that may work in zero gravity and the end result was this unimaginable machine. Nicely, no. In truth it was made by a pen producer in 1966 — but it surely wasn’t till October of 1968 that it went into orbit and fulfilled its area pen future.

The pen was created by pen maker (naturally) Paul Fisher, who used $1 million of his personal cash to create the AG-7 anti-gravity pen. As chances are you’ll or could not know, the innovation was a pressurized ink cartridge and gel ink that may deploy reliably no matter orientation, temperature or certainly the presence of gravity.

He despatched it to NASA, which was in fact the one group reliably fearful about making issues work in microgravity, they usually cherished it. In truth, the Russians began utilizing it shortly afterwards, as properly.

Walt Cunningham, Wally Schirra and Donn Eisele took the pens aboard with them for the Apollo 7 mission, which launched on October 11, 1968, they usually served them properly over the subsequent 11 days in orbit.

A 50th anniversary edition of the pen is now available to individuals who have some huge cash and love gold stuff. It’s $500, a restricted version of 500, and product of “gold titanium nitride plated brass,” and it comes with a case and commemorative plaque with a quote from Cunningham:

“Fifty years in the past, I flew with the primary flown House Pen on Apollo 7. I relied on it then, and it’s nonetheless the one pen I depend on right here on Earth.”

Okay, that’s fairly cool. Presumably astronauts get a lifetime provide of these items, although.

Right here’s to the Fisher area pen, an instance of American ingenuity and easy, dependable good design that’s persevered in use and popular culture for half a century.