While the CW typically will get flack for being full of youth drama,s one in every of its most extremely acclaimed exhibits is The 100. A sci-fi saga based mostly off a e-book collection, this present follows a number of house station teenagers that fall to the floor and need to be taught to outlive. Though the present facilities round youngsters, it is hardly the common teen drama. It’s confirmed that when it brutally turned a fan favourite character, Finn, right into a violent shooter and had his girlfriend mercifully execute him. All of the characters have gone by means of painful modifications. Over the previous 5 seasons, although, one of many characters that has modified probably the most has been as soon as harmless Octavia Blake.

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When the present began, Octavia was a fairly woman enamored by the brand new world round her. Wide-eyed and sort, she had few life experiences and now the possibility to make up for that. She may turn into something, anybody. However, over time, Octavia’s evolution has hardly been butterflies and daisies. The candy, naive woman she was changed into a fancy, violent, vengeful lady who led a complete nation.

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Unlike all the opposite Delinquents, Octavia did not develop up in shut quarters with them on the house station. The station solely allowed every household one baby. By having Octavia, her mom broke that rule. To preserve their secret, Aurora Blake hid Octavia beneath their flooring boards. She by no means may come out and at any time when there was an inspection, she needed to keep silent and hidden.

When she was a youngster, Bellamy tried to offer her one evening out throughout a masked celebration. Unfortunately, the house station demoted Bellamy and executed their mom. And Octavia? They marked her a Delinquent and she or he spent the remainder of her teen years imprisoned. The floor was her first true style of freedom.


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While Bellamy and Octavia look after one another deeply, their relationship is problematic at greatest. Bellamy is just too protecting, keen to finish lives to shelter her. Octavia is aggressively rebellious, after her mom trapped her away for years. With time, the hole between them solely grows. Between Bellamy turning into a frontrunner for Skaikru and Octavia turning into a Grounder, they’re separated by cultures and, at instances, wars.

When Octavia turns into the chief of Wonkru, their bond grows weaker. Bellamy comes again to the floor to see his child sister a bloodthirsty purple queen. Though he desires her protected, he does not help the individual she’s turn into. He even goes as far as to attempt to finish her life. By the top of Season 5 they affirm, after so lengthy, that they nonetheless love one another. However, that love is conditional, no less than for Bellamy.


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On the bottom, life actually modified for Octavia when she bonded with, and subsequently fell for, Lincoln. He was a Grounder that the Delinquents captured in hopes of gaining information, however he fought exhausting in opposition to their torture techniques. Only Octavia’s kindness acquired him speaking. Eventually, she helped him escape and realized to like him.

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While Lincoln appreciated her kindness and mild coronary heart, he additionally revered her power to face as much as her brother and never be afraid of his individuals. Their relationship was a stable basis within the first two seasons and introduced the perfect out in Octavia.

That is, till Pike executed him and despatched her on an extended, darkish path.


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As she had few bonds with The Delinquents, Octavia was the primary to bond with and adapt to the Grounders. With Lincoln, she started to know their language and tradition. She grew to become the house crew’s translator and information when it got here to Grounder tradition and rapport.

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However, although, after shedding Lincoln she fully immersed herself of their world. She wasn’t only a go-between, she grew to become a member of them. Far greater than she ever was a member of the house station.

With a wealthy, alien tradition got here additionally the Grounders violence. Octavia grew to become a powerful combatant and hunter, capable of tackle nearly something on the bottom.


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Though Grounder tradition gave her a house after shedding Lincoln, that did not fill the opening he left in her life. With time, that gap full of hatred and vengeance for the ignorant and elitist males who most popular the person she love within the grime. The chief, and the trigger-man, was none apart from space-station guardsman Pike, a violent and protecting man. He prompted quite a lot of hassle the second he landed, placing station wants above everybody else’s, to the purpose of homicide.

As Octavia, him, and others fought to cease A.L.I.E.’s cult, she put her rage away to avoid wasting her personal life. The second the risk dropped, although, she turned again on Pike and enacted her revenge. He took her Lincoln, and she or he took his life. This second traumatized Bellamy and adjusted their relationship endlessly.


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In Lincoln’s absence, Octavia grew nearer to a different Grounder: Indra. Once, Lincoln had been near Indra, coming from the identical clan, Trikru. However, the person drifted from his individuals the nearer he acquired to Octavia and the extra time he spent away. When they each misplaced him, Octavia sought steering and reassurance kind Indra. She as an alternative inspired Octavia to develop sturdy.

Over time, Octavia educated her fight abilities and her searching intelligence. As her bond with Indra grew and her skills elevated, she grew to become Indra’s second. The younger Blake then actually was a member of Trikru, preventing for his or her pursuits and supporting their chief. By Indra’s aspect, Octavia turned away from Skaikru and located a people who by no means knew her because the unhappy woman beneath the ground. They solely knew her as Skairipa, their warrior.


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The deeper into Grounder tradition and her personal darkness Octavia walked, the extra she needed to sacrifice. To take revenge on Pike, she needed to ignore her brother’s emotions. In turning into Indra’s Second, she deserted Skaikru. During her bid for chief, she needed to lose mates and even a lover. There have been many sacrifices she needed to make, however to make a distinction she was keen to make all of them.

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When Octavia misplaced her mom, it awoke a darker aspect to her, a bitter aspect offended with the state of affairs life gave her. The more durable and crueler life acquired, the angrier she felt.

Eventually, her objectives outmoded most the rest in her life. If she thought one thing was in her manner or wanted to be destroyed, she’d do it.  What she went by means of made her sturdy, but it surely additionally made her ruthless.


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Despite how fierce and aggressive Octavia might be, there was goodness in her. When the Grounders held the Final Conclave, she volunteered to symbolize Trikru. This battle would select a brand new chief and they’d determine who would survive Praimfaya. She knew different individuals had extra egocentric plans for the bunker, like utilizing it for his or her clan solely. Or there have been individuals like Luna, who wished to shut off the bunker and let everybody perish. During the battle she prompted quite a lot of bloodshed, but it surely was to avoid wasting the entire cultures, not simply her personal.

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When she received the Conclave, Octavia grew to become the brand new chief and determined that 100 individuals from every clan would enter the bunker, saving every clan’s greatest individuals. They would name this new clan Wonkru, a optimistic conglomeration of all of the 13 clans. Though she spilled blood to get them there, she selected probably the most diplomatic resolution in a horrible state of affairs.


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While within the bunker, issues acquired extra heated than Octavia anticipated. These clans had solely ever banded collectively for wars or conclaves, and now they needed to stay as one. Between varied individuals, tensions and in-fighting grew rampant. To fight the bunker turning into an all out struggle, for his or her six years there Octavia ran regulated fights. This let her individuals get out their violent urges and reduce the quantity of chaos. Also, she stomped out any opposition.

Meanwhile, although, her ruthless and violent techniques earned her the title of Blodreina, the Red Queen. She led the individuals, but it surely was with a blood-covered iron fist.


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Though the Final Conclave made Octavia the brand new Grounder chief, she wasn’t a real commander. By Grounder custom, that title can solely go to a Nightblood. Understandably, when it appeared like Nightbloods have been extinct or unwilling, they needed to decide a brand new chief. Particularly, due to the upcoming Praimfaya they did not have a lot time or alternative.

After Wonkru emerged from the bunker, although, they met Madi, a younger Nightblood able to rule.

Instead of preventing for her submit, Octavia relented her reign and gave Madi command. While she fought for management, she did it to guard the individuals she cared about. She did not do it as a result of she felt a proper to it. Ergo, as soon as a real Grounder commander emerged, Octavia relented to custom.


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At the top of season 5, Earth was falling to destroy. All survivors entered an area ship and went into cryo-sleep, in hopes of discovering a brand new, liveable world. The solely individuals who stayed awake have been Harper and Monty, to information the ship and preserve each other firm. Despite her falling out with a lot of Skaikru, Octavia reunited along with her brother and he was the one who put her in cryo-sleep.

Though the Grounders grew to become her new house, that world is gone now. Octavia has to begin anew yet again. After all she’s skilled, all she’s been by means of, all of the ache she’s prompted, within the new world all the things will change. As she even appears disenchanted is her previous atrocities, she may want this contemporary begin.

Only season 6 will reveal what Octavia turns into subsequent.

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