Tamasha review

Tamasha review:

Ved ( Ranbir) meets Tara ( Deepika) in corisco and they will have an agreement that they won’t reveal real names or anything that can trace them back to their lives – leaving behind the fun, love and connection they find in each other.Ved’s character – he is mesmerised with stories and theatre, but life and its demands of making a living in accordance with his pragmatic father, take a toll on his real calling and make him forget his real self.

When Tara tracks Ved and meets him in Delhi, she finds a different man – a product manager who has been saving his job solely through his ‘well-mannered’ behaviour and the tendency to be a yes-man of his boss. With a broken heart, she decides to leave Ved alone and move on, but you cannot move on from love, from your own heart. Tamasha traces the journey of Ved leaving behind his put-on, robotic character and coming back to Tara.

Plus points: Ranbir & Deppika mature acting and their chemistry, AR Rehman music and beautiful locations of Corisco

Negative Points: Minor flaws in screen play

Totally Tamasha is one time watch movie