Take a look at Prague’s Previous City on this 405 gigapixel photograph


Jeffrey Martin takes large panoramic pictures of the world and his photographs allow you to go from the panoramic to the intimate in a single mouse swipe. Now he’s actually outdone himself with a 900,000 pixel-wide photo of Prague’s Old Town that took six months to construct.

The photograph, viewable here, has a complete spherical decision of 405 gigapixels and is superb. Martin used a 600mm lens and 50MP DSLR to take photographs of almost every part within the Previous City. You possibly can see the Cathedral, Fortress Hill and even spot avenue indicators, constructing indicators and pigeons. It’s a captivating view of a good looking metropolis.

Martin stated it took him over six months to post-process the image and it required 1000’s of photographs and tweaks. He stated the recordsdata are six occasions larger than something Photoshop can handle so he discovered himself working with delicate fixes as he stitched this superb photograph collectively.


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