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Shaneeshwaruni Divya Charitra Episode 107

Shani uses his Vakradrishti to punish Chandradev and tells him that he will always keep an eye on him. On the other hand, Yami is about to kill herself. But Suryadev arrives and tries to stop her. Will he be able to avert the disaster?

Shaneeshwaruni Divya Charitra Episode 106

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Shaneeshwaruni Divya Charitra Episode 105

After figuring out that Chandradev has kidnapped Yami, Shani goes to his palace and threatens to kill him. Will Chandradev release Yami or enter into a battle with Shani? Tune in to find out!

Shaneeshwaruni Divya Charitra Episode 104

It is about time that Suryadev realises his error of judgement. Yami is saved from a bad marriage as Chandradev's dark secrets have now been exposed. Shani issues a penalty for him. Will Suryadev's family pay for his mistake and face punishment as well? Tune in to watch, only on Voot!

Shaneeshwaruni Divya Charitra Episode 103

As per Shani's plan, Vrihaspati comes to Suryadev's court and raises an objection to Chandradev and Yami's marriage. To prove his point, Vrihaspati calls in a witness to expose Chandradev. Who is this witness and what shocking secret will this witness reveal? Tune in to find out!

Shaneeshwaruni Divya Charitra Episode 102

After gathering evidence against Chandradev, Gurudev insists that Shani expose him before everyone. But Shani is hopeful that Yami's inner conscience will give her the courage to call off her marriage to Chandradev. He motivates her to speak up for herself. Will Yami do the unexpected?

Shaneeshwaruni Divya Charitra Episode 101

All the Devas are shocked after Shani approves of Yami and Chandradev's wedding. Furthermore, he asks for his share of the responsibility. On hearing Shani's words, Suryadev, Chandradev and others get suspicious of him. Is Shani up to something?

Shaneeshwaruni Divya Charitra Episode 100

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Shaneeshwaruni Divya Charitra Episode 99

Shani faces a race against time to save Indardev, Shukracharya and Vishwakarma from the clutches of Raahu. Will he succeed? Chandradev backtracks on his promise and Suryadev refuses to rise until Shani apologises to him. Will Shani apologise to Suryadev?

Shaneeshwaruni Divya Charitra Episode 98

Shani manages to save Kakol from Raahu's effect. But when Yami informs him of Chandradev's sinister plan, Shani confronts Chandradev. With Suryadev refusing to rise, Shani has to deal with this threat himself. But then something happens that might prove Shani's Vakradrishti to be a failure. What happens? Watch to find out.