What a world of AI robot writers will look like

Just as video killed the radio star, so too will AI demolish writers, journalists, and editors. Legions of wordsmiths —...

Oct 21 · 4 min read >

5 reasons why developing a writing routine could help you be a better entrepreneur

When you’re a startup founder or an entrepreneur, you work under so much pressure and have so many different...

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Aug 6 · 3 min read >

Get Adobe Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator elite-level training — for under $40

The tool set for a serious graphics has expanded well beyond the standard pencils, pens, paints and paper. Now,...

Aug 1 · 1 min read >

Make videos and money with this YouTube Mastery Bundle — for only $41

There’s gold in YouTube videos. Sure, you can get some views by posting your friend’s epic water skiing fail...

Jul 30 · 1 min read >

Why relentless curiosity is a must for CEOs

There is no question we are in a period of profound change. Very soon, seven billion people will be...

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Jul 29 · 2 min read >

The meaning of ‘creativity’ is lost in corporate culture – lets save it

Creativity is a term thrown about the workplace all too often. It bounces off the walls, flying over the...

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Jul 29 · 4 min read >

Neural networks can now help you colorize old photos like a pro

Colorization, or the process of adding color to monochrome photographs, is both art and science because it usually requires...

Jul 27 · 57 sec read >

Adobe brilliantly reimagines the color picker as an artist’s watercolor palette

While many imaging apps’ tools closely resemble those used by artists in the real world – such as brushes...

Jul 27 · 1 min read >

Google’s DeepMind made an AI that can imagine the future

Google’s London-based AI outfit DeepMind has created two different types of AI that can use their ‘imagination’ to plan...

Jul 24 · 1 min read >