What a world of AI robot writers will look like

Just as video killed the radio star, so too will AI demolish writers, journalists, and editors. Legions of wordsmiths —...

Oct 21 · 4 min read >

The music industry uses your social data to predict it’s next big artists

Fifteen years ago, Steve Jobs introduced the iPod. Since then, most music fans have understood this has radically changed...

Aug 13 · 5 min read >

5 reasons why developing a writing routine could help you be a better entrepreneur

When you’re a startup founder or an entrepreneur, you work under so much pressure and have so many different...

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Aug 6 · 3 min read >

VSCO launches its first video editing tool

VSCO is a brand well-known among photographers who take advantage of its presets for desktop and its mobile app featuring film-inspired filters...

Aug 4 · 2 min read >

Why relentless curiosity is a must for CEOs

There is no question we are in a period of profound change. Very soon, seven billion people will be...

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Jul 29 · 2 min read >

Dear Microsoft, please don’t kill Paint

Later this year, Microsoft will release the long-awaited Fall Creators Edition of Windows 10. It’s a pretty significant update,...

Jul 24 · 1 min read >

This Dutch startup turns plants into batteries

Credit: Photo by Living Light Imagine a lamp. Any lamp. Now imagine having to water it. Dutch product designer...

Jul 22 · 38 sec read >

Become a better writer immediately with Ginger Page Premium – now 90% off

Writing has never been easy. But in the age of emojis, abbreviations, microscopically tiny keys and autocorrect, it’s never...

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