Supernatural: 17 Things That Make NO Sense

There’s no doubt about it, we love Supernatural love it in all its mad, demon-crazy, death-doesn’t-mean-a-thing goodness. It’s not really about fighting demons or monsters, though, it’s about the absolute perfection that is the Winchesters.

This apocalypse-defying family are the stuff of legends in the Supernatural universe, and they have one of the most incredible relationships on TV. So incredible, in fact, that it’s carried a slightly bonkers genre show about demon hunting through a whopping thirteen seasons, with no end in sight.

Of course, it’s not just Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) that we love watching. Crowley (Mark Sheppard) that devious King of Hell with a soft spot for Moose and Squirrel, Castiel (Misha Collins) with his awkward insults and adorable confusion at the world, Bobby Singer (Jim Beaver) and his down-home gruff wisdom… the show is packed with memorable characters and incredible interactions… and it’s just so darn quotable!

However, for all Supernatural’s wonderfulness, it’s not exactly perfect. There are a few seasons that go thoroughly off the rails, entire characters seemingly created just to allow everyone to make dick jokes, some strange and helpful acts of God (minus the God), characters within characters and convoluted time travel paradoxes aplenty. Most of that we can overlook, of course, but there are a few glaring exceptions…

Here are the 17 Things That Make NO Sense In Supernatural.

17. The Disappearing Leviathans

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The Leviathans appeared in season 7 of Supernatural as ancient evil monsters, incredibly powerful, destructive, and freshly released from purgatory. Led by Dick Roman, these devourers cooked up a plan to subjugate and eat the human race before being stopped by Sam and Dean.

However, given the huge number of Leviathans released, it seems a little suspicious that they simply… disappeared once Dick was ganked. Many were also dealt with by the demons at the same time.

However, theoretically, there should be a who gang of primordial monsters massing somewhere in the universe, waiting to get revenge on Sam and Dean — who seem to have written off this threat entirely, for no discernible reason. (Other than the fact that the viewers generally hated the Leviathans, and their story arc is done, of course, but how would the Winchesters know that?)

16. The Mess That Is The Blood Of The Fallen

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When attempting to kill Dick and the Leviathans, the Winchesters discover that they can forge a weapon to do so: the Bone of a Righteous Mortal washed in the Blood of the Fallen (catchy).

They use the bone of a nun, and need to wash it in three types of blood: a Fallen Angel, the Father of Fallen Beasts, and the Ruler of Fallen Humanity. The boys use the blood of Castiel, the Alpha Vampire, and Crowley. However, two of these three seem a little bit… off.

Castiel, while not exactly in favor with Heaven, isn’t technically a Fallen Angel — at this point, he is a Rebellious Angel, but he still has his grace and has not given up his angelic powers.

Similarly, Crowley may be the Ruler of Hell at this point, but he wasn’t created to it. He is essentially just a very powerful demon, yet the bone knows, because Dick attempts to get Crowley to hand over another demon’s blood instead. For such a powerful spell, this one seems awfully forgiving when it comes to the details.

15. The Purgatory Respawn

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Dean ends up in Purgatory after killing Dick with the Bone of the Righteous, where he is stuck for some time before managing to portal his way out of there with Benny alongside. Since then, monster-afterlife has popped up several times, but it’s left us with some unanswered questions — primarily the same one asked by Castiel himself: “If you murder a monster in monster heaven, where does it go?”

Essentially, what happens to the massive number of monsters that Dean kills on his way out of Purgatory, given that they are already dead? It’s established that souls never leave Purgatory, except in very exceptional circumstances, so how does that work? Is Purgatory created like a video-game, where monsters who die return to their most recent save point? Is there some kind of monster re-spawn situation happening here?

14. The Magical Impala

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Everybody loves the Impala, and there are one or two fan theories that suggest the Impala may actually be far more than just a car… However, in canon, right now, the Impala is nothing more than Dean’s baby.

It’s been destroyed and re-built, it’s saved the world by reminding Sam who he really is, but it is just a car. Yet there are multiple occasions where Sam or Dean (or both) are teleported away from the car to save their skins, and are then seen driving the same car a scene or two later.

Dean isn’t seen back at the same point he was teleported away from, either, and the other angels/demons would presumably just hang out by the car waiting for him to return if they knew he did so every time. Unless Castiel has the time and ability to start teleporting muscle cars around, there’s something a little too convenient about this one.

13. The Brother No One Cares About

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The biggest theme of the show is that family comes above all else. The Winchesters have gone to Heaven and Hell (quite literally) to save each other, and would make any sacrifice needed to keep each other safe. Dean has also extended that protection to family not related by blood, and it’s been repeated season after season.

Yet, when the third Winchester brother, Adam, appears, Sam and Dean seem uninclined to do much to help the poor kid. Initially, there was nothing they could do andwhen Adam dies, he gets a hunter funeral and the older brothers leave it at that. Then, when he is resurrected and used as a vessel for Michael, Sam and Dean essentially leave him to rot in the Cage.

This is, of course, after Dean has found a way to get Sam out, and before he finds a way to get Lucifer himself out when they needed to. In short, the boys have proven capable of moving the Earth to save each other, consider family to be the most important thing in the world… and yet are casually dismissive of baby-half-brother and his horrible fate.

12. The Missing Colt

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The Colt is one of the most powerful weapons in the Supernatural universe, and when Sam and Dean first hear about it, they are (unsurprisingly) awed. It’s a gun that can kill almost anything. It can kill demons and it was a weapon that John Winchester searched for for years.

However, after the boys fail to kill Lucifer with it, it disappears from the show for nearly six years. Crowley gave it to Ramiel, the Prince of Hell, and despite its incredible power, the Winchester just… left it with him.

They’ve proven time and time again that they are capable of stealing from powerful beings, yet they seem perfectly happy to just ignore the existence of one of the most powerful weapons in the world, until Mary steals it back in season twelve.

11. The Winchester Healing Factor

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The Winchesters have been fighting monsters and demons for a bare minimum of thirteen years at this point. We’ve seen them do it. While their Dad took on the bulk of the monster-fighting burden during childhood, we’ve also seen that they had their own fights with the things that go bump in the night.

They’ve also been beaten to a pulp more than once (occasionally even by each other), tortured, and straight-up killed. So where, in all this brutality, are their scars?! At this point in time, the boys should look like they’ve gone ten rounds with Tyson, yet they are only slightly more grizzled than they were in season 1.

We know that the boys can be tattooed, so they aren’t packing some kind of magic healing factor, yet they live a scar-free existence.

10. The Affair With A Fugitive

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When Dean was gone, Sam ended up creating himself a lovely, normal life — just the kind of life that he might have had if Dean hadn’t come to yank him out of school (and if his family didn’t have a thing for making deals with demons).

He falls in love with a vet named Amelia, they get a house and a dog and an adorable set of flashbacks. However, he also tells Amelia his real name– the name that he would never usually use outside of the hunter/heaven/hell set, because as far as the US government are concerned, the Winchester brothers are grave-desecrating murderers who fake their own deaths.

A cursory Google search by Amelia would turn at least some of this up, and she would (presumably) run for the hills. However, she only leaves when her presumed-dead hubby comes home… because only Sam can harness the mighty Google, it seems.

9. The Self-Ironing Suits

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In recent seasons, Sam and Dean have taken up residence in the Bunker, with all the mod cons of an actual home. However, for the majority of the show, the boys are living either in cheap motels or in the Impala — yet they always manage to have perfectly clean and pressed suits for impersonating FBI officers.

Suits that seemingly cannot wrinkle, and also fit inside the beat-up duffel bag that is all we ever see being toted from the car to the motel (and vice versa). Given that the trunk is stuffed full of weapons (and occasionally bad guys), and the Impala is hardly that big, where are these suits coming from? How do they have multiple different colors? How are they always clean and pressed to absolute perfection? Dean must just be a whizz with those motel irons…

8. The Ever-Changing Reapers

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Reapers are interesting monster-types in the Supernatural universe, moreso because they keep changing, and no one ever explains why. In the beginning, the Reapers were neutral entities, working for Death, with little personality beyond a general compassion towards those that they had to reap.

The Death that they work for will eventually reap God himself, and the Reapers are established as powerful beings outside the other orders of Heaven and Hell… until about the halfway mark, when Reapers are revealed to be Angels.

They can be killed by Angel Blades, they suddenly have all kinds of agendas, and Rogue Reapers are wandering around ripping out souls and working for the devil. The Reaper/Angels gain powers similar to angels (and the same weaknesses), but still have access to souls in a way that angels don’t, and commit to a different purpose (except for those pesky Rogue Reapers).

It’s a retcon without any kind of in-universe explanation, and one where Reapers can either be Angels or something else, depending on what the storyline calls for.

7. The Missing Rings

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Like the Colt, the other Rings of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse have mysteriously dropped off the face of the Supernatural universe. These four rings were collected by the Winchesters so that they could be combined to form a key to Lucifer’s cage — a worthy pursuit (and one that worked).

While the ring belonging to Death was destroyed when Dean killed Death, the other three are… still out there, somewhere. Which seems like an oversight, on the part of the Winchesters, especially given that wearing the rings allows them to access a degree of the Horseman’s power.

The boys might not want to use those powers, but surely they would want to make sure no-one else could? But the rings simply disappear from the story after season 7, three pocket-sized objects of power that have just been forgotten about.

6. The Lack Of Hunter Gossip

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When the show first began, Sam and Dean seemed to be the only hunters in America (other than their Dad, of course), and were portrayed as a family on a mission of vengeance. As the series progressed, however, several other hunters started to appear.

First, it was friends of John’s, met on the road. Then, the Roadhouse, a hunter bar and networking hub appeared. After that, the Men of Letters popped up. Finally, it was revealed that Mary’s family were hunters too, and that there is actually a fairly extensive network of hunters who work alone, but who do talk (and show up to each others’ funerals, when they can).

Multiple hunters makes more sense than Sam and Dean working entirely solo, but given the number of hunters who knew Mary and her family, and the number that Sam and Dean met along the way, how is it they had absolutely no idea that they came from a hunter family? Close friends of John’s, at the very least, should have mentioned something.

5. The Meatsuit Obsession

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The demons of Supernatural have something of an inexplicable attraction to specific human vessels — even when it doesn’t seem logical to keep a meatsuit for very long. While the angels are required to find vessels who willingly submit to angelic possession (this makes vessels rare and important to hang on to), demons, with their total lack of care about human life, would presumably be less attached.

However, they only smoke out of a meatsuit when absolutely forced to — and some, like Meg, actively choose to return to the same meatsuit (and even wear the same outfits) time and time again.

Meg also hung onto her first vessel’s name long after she got a new one. This issue has a clear behind-the-scenes explanation (to keep specific demon characters recognizable), but it would have been nice to see an in-universe explanation given, too.

4. The Bone-Burning Conundrum

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Back when the boys spent more time chasing ghosts and less time arguing with God, they did a lot of bone burning in order to get rid of vengeful spirits. This seems straightforward — burn the bones in order to prevent the spirit from staying on earth.

This is also why hunter bones are burned — for a guaranteed ghost-free afterlife. Various burned hunters are then seen in Heaven, suggesting that burning bones doesn’t destroy the spirit, but only its connection to Earth.

Things get complicated, however, when we learn that burning the bones of a demon will kill the demon, permanently. They get more complicated when the boys assume that Bobby couldn’t be in Hell because his bones were burned, but he could be in Heaven, and John still managed to land in Hell despite his bones being burned, too. All of which comes together to leave us giving the whole ‘bones burning’ tradition the side-eye, because it simply doesn’t line up.

3. The British Men Of Lying

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The British Men of Letters showed up in recent seasons, answering one question that had been confusing fans for a while: what about monsters in the rest of the world? Turns out, other countries also have hunters, and the British (courtesy of living on a tiny island) have their monster-killing down to a fine art.

In fact, they claim that there has not been a monster-related death in the UK since 1965. Which is, of course, absolute rubbish. Bela Talbot, who appeared in the third season, was a Brit born in the ’80s, who made a deal with a crossroads demon as a teen to kill her abusive parents — which feels like at least two monster-related deaths, right there.

Of course, the BMoL have also said that anyone stupid enough to make a deal with a demon deserves to die, which leaves us wondering… are they only counting non-demon deaths? Deaths of those who they consider innocent? And what about the tie-in comic, Supernatural: The Dogs of Edinburgh, where Sam goes a monster-hunting in Scotland?

2. The Mistake In The French Mistake

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“The French Mistake” is a fan-favorite episode for its self-referential dimension-jumping, when Sam and Dean end up in an alternate universe where they are the dopplegangers of two actors, Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles, who star in a show called (you guessed it) Supernatural.

Hilarity ensues as the boys attempt to blend in as actors playing themselves, before they are jumped back into their own dimension. However, we never find out what, exactly, happened to the real Jared and Jensen.

Was this alternate reality created by Balthazar, and simply disappears after the Winchesters leave? Were the Winchesters possessing the bodies of the real Jared and Jensen, who now have to explain their bizarre behavior and quitting the show? How is it that Jared and Jensen just… didn’t show up to work for the entire time that Sam and Dean were in their world?

1. The Fandom Failure

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One of the most frustrating issues for fans of the Supernatural universe is that none of the fans in the Supernatural universe seem to have two brain cells to rub together. The fandom exists in the show thanks to Chuck’s book series, that tells the true story of Sam and Dean’s adventures — an indie publication that has a devoted fanbase, and even has a convention.

Amazing meta fun, except that none of these fans has ever done the research needed to discover that all of the stories have matching crimes and deaths in real life. Which is insane, given how devoted these fans are in other ways — learning how to fake an FBI badge more effectively than Sam and Dean, learning the lore backwards and forwards, etc.

Surely it wouldn’t be long before someone did the math on the stories in the books, matched them up to some news letters and police reports on those most-wanted (and occasionally arrested) real-life Sam and Dean Winchester, and posted it all over the forums?

Can you think of any other aspects of Supernatural that don’t make any sense? Sound off in the comments!