Stranger Things season Three left some main unanswered questions following the evil Mind Flayer’s newest assault in town of Hawkins, Indiana. Once extra, the younger heroes, together with Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown), Mike (Finn Wolfhard), Lucas (Caleb McLaughlin), Max (Sadie Sink), and Will (Noah Schnapp), took on the beast from the Upside Down however the conclusion of Stranger Things season Three upended the established order as Billy Hargrove (Dacre Montgomery) and Sheriff Jim Hopper (David Harbour) both apparently died.

Set in early July 1985, Stranger Things season Three revolved across the Mind Flayer taking up a number of of Hawkins’ townspeople, beginning with Billy, with a purpose to kill Eleven. Concurrently, the brand new Starcourt Mall grew to become the focus of the city till Dustin (Galen Matarazzo), Steve (Joe Keery), Robin (Maya Hawke), and Erica (Priah Ferguson) found the mall was truly a entrance for a secret underground Russian base the place the Soviet Union was attempting to breach the Upside Down utilizing their very own Key. By the ultimate episodes, all the storylines converged in order that Nancy (Natalia Dyer), Jonathan (Charlie Heaton), Hopper, Murray (Brett Gelman), and Joyce (Winona Ryder) all joined forces within the Stranger Things season Three finale, “The Battle of Starcourt.”

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Generally praised as an enchancment over Stranger Things season 2 and a return to kind for the collection, Stranger Things season 3 has set Netflix streaming records, launched a brand new fan-favorite character in Robin, expanded the scope of its universe, and set the stage for the story to proceed in Stranger Things season 4. However, the collection additionally doubled down on product-placement and nostalgia for 1980s music and flicks, recycled a lot of its tropes and, as soon as once more, the villains’ motivations had been sketchy and unclear main plot threads had been left unresolved. All in all, listed below are our largest questions on Stranger Things season 3.

12. Is Hopper Really Dead?

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Whether Jim Hopper actually did die when the Russian Key to the Upside Down exploded is the largest query popping out of Stranger Things season 3. The poor sheriff by no means acquired his date with Joyce Byers and his sacrifice left Eleven with out the person she’s come to treat as her father. Even earlier than he died within the Russian base, Hopper suffered by means of a tough season the place he fought a Terminator-like Russian assassin and suffered critical beatings, to not point out his shack within the woods was destroyed by the Mind Flayer.

Since Hopper’s physique wasn’t discovered (despite the fact that it was specified the Key would vaporize him), the likelihood exists the scruffy lawman did survive and will reappear in Stranger Things season 4 – which is strongly teased if followers call the phone number of Murray Bauman and listen to his voice message suggesting Hopper may nonetheless be alive. (David Harbour’s contract additionally contains an choice to return for Stranger Things season 4.)

11. Who Is The American Imprisoned By The Russians?

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Stranger Things season 3’s climactic moments happen at a Soviet jail facility in Kamchatka, USSR. A doomed Russian prisoner is dragged right into a face-to-face confrontation with a Demogorgon however the really compelling half is true earlier than when an unknown American prisoner is spared that destiny. Who may “the American” be? The most evident risk could be Jim Hopper, who the Red Army would have captured as they evacuated their Starcourt Mall base earlier than the U.S. Military arrived.

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10. Where Is Dr. Martin Brenner?

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Another risk for the prisoner in Kamchatka could possibly be Dr. Martin Brenner (Matthew Modine). Brenner, the scientist who “created” Eleven, was presumably killed by the Demogorgon in Stranger Things season 1. However, his destiny was by no means confirmed and Brenner may nonetheless return in Stranger Things season 4. It’s not clear how the Russians may have captured and imprisoned Brenner midway around the globe however they’ve a motive: In Stranger Things season 1, episode 5 “The Flea and the Acrobat”, a flashback confirmed Brenner making Eleven use her powers to spy on the Soviet Union. This second was the primary tease of the Russians’ future involvement in Stranger Things season 3; it is attainable the us realized what Brenner was as much as and capturing the white-haired scientist led to the Soviet Union’s personal curiosity in breaching the Upside Down.

9. How Did The Russians Capture a Demogorgon?

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Stranger Things season Three makes the Russians a real threat. The season started with the Soviet Union failing to open a gate to the Upside Down, which led to the development of the Key beneath the Starcourt Mall one yr later. But apparently, the Russians did have success reaching the Upside Down throughout that yr as a result of they captured a Demogorgon. The truth the us has one of many lethal creatures makes them extra profitable than the Americans, who’ve apparently not managed to snag one in all their very own (though the Soviet Union has no Eleven of their very own to kill the monsters). But the hows and whys of the Russians possessing a Demogorgon stay a thriller that may hopefully be answered in Stranger Things season 4.

8. Do The Russians Have Any Other Monsters From The Upside Down?

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The return of the Stranger Things season 1 Demogorgon begs the query of whether or not the Russians have encountered different creatures from the Upside Down, maybe even new monsters the residents of Hawkins, Indiana have not confronted but. At the very least, do the Soviets solely have one Demogorgon or have they got extra – and the way did they handle to seize it? What’s extra, have any Russians encountered the Mind Flayer and does the ruler of the Upside Down have any brokers beneath its thrall in the us?

7. How Did The Russians Build A Secret Base Beneath Starcourt Mall?

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The U.S. Military was a non-factor till the very finish of Stranger Things season Three they usually utterly missed the huge nationwide safety risk in Hawkins, Indiana, i.e. the Soviet Union was capable of assemble an enormous underground base on U.S. soil and construct Starcourt Mall above it. But even with Mayor Kline (Cary Elwes) trying the opposite method and taking kickbacks to the detriment of Hawkins’ downtown companies, how did the Russians construct that complete base in a single yr and employees it with Red Army troopers all utterly beneath the nostril of the United States? And are there every other secret Soviet installations beneath malls elsewhere within the U.S.?

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6. How Did Eleven Lose Her Powers And Can She Get Them Back?

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Eleven’s leg was contaminated by a bit of the Mind Flayer’s Meat Monster at Hopper’s cabin however after a grotesque and painful surgical try by Jonathan, El used her telekinesis to tear the creature from her physique. However, Eleven lost her powers afterwards. It’s unclear whether or not the sheer pressure of eradicating the monster from her leg short-circuited El’s psychic skills or whether or not it is a facet impact of the Mind Flayer infecting her physique, however her powers nonetheless hadn’t returned on the finish of Stranger Things season 3. While this could possibly be a welcome break for Eleven and an opportunity to really feel regular, it isn’t clear if her telekinesis will manifest once more or the way it can occur in Stranger Things season 4.

5. Will Eleven’s “Sister” Return In Stranger Things Season 4?

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One method Eleven may get her powers again is by encountering her older “sister” Kali Prasad aka Eight (Linnea Berthelsen). El, whose actual title is Jane Ives, met Kali within the notorious Stranger Things season 2 episode “The Lost Sister”. While Eleven was tempted to stay with Kali, she rejected the vengeful life on the run Kali and her mates lived and selected to avoid wasting her mates in Hawkins. However, Eleven transferring away from the Indiana city with the Byers household opens up the possibility of bringing again Kali. Eight’s psychic powers differ from El’s; Kali can venture extremely life like illusions – may one other meetup along with her misplaced sister be the important thing to Eleven regaining her skills?

4. Why Didn’t The Mind Flayer Kill Eleven When It had Many Chances To?

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The Mind Flayer’s whole goal in Stranger Things season 3 was to kill Eleven; it known as the many individuals in Hawkins in its thrall to it and melted them to create a large monster earlier than attacking Eleven and the remainder of the youngsters. However, Eleven harm the Mind Flayer when she telekinetically exploded its head, permitting the younger heroes to flee. But at “The Battle of Starcourt”, the Mind Flayer nonetheless could not kill El regardless of her shedding her skills and the truth that it already wounded and contaminated her leg. Considering the Mind Flayer’s actions in Stranger Things season Three had been so it may change into highly effective sufficient to kill Eleven, the truth that it failed so spectacularly actually undercut a whole lot of its menace.

3. Why Did Everyone At The End Act Like The Mind Flayer Is Defeated?

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For the third time, the heroic residents of Hawkins sealed the Gate to the Upside Down and saved their city – briefly. But by now, they need to all know the Mind Flayer will return. In truth, earlier in Stranger Things season 3, they did know this due to the youngsters having the essential dialogue acknowledging it isn’t sufficient to seal the Gate, they should remove the Mind Flayer from Earth totally. Instead, Stranger Things season Three ends with the Gate being sealed however the Mind Flayer nonetheless an enemy that may certainly return sooner or later. However, after the emotional traumas of Billy and Hopper’s demise and the calamity at Starcourt Mall, plus the Byers and Eleven transferring away, everybody appeared content material they received – despite the fact that all of them should understand it is not actually over.

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2. Where Are The Byers And Eleven Moving To?

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The Byers adopting Eleven and transferring away from Hawkins is a brilliant transfer. Joyce’s retailer in downtown Hawkins went out of enterprise due to Starcourt Mall, Jonathan misplaced his job on the newspaper, and with Hopper useless, Eleven wanted a recent begin away from Mike and the monsters in Hawkins. Even earlier than they parted methods, Mike, Lucas, Dustin, Max, and Nancy made their plans to see the Byers and Eleven over the vacations however Joyce and her household by no means stated the place they had been transferring to. But perhaps the Byers purposely did not reveal their vacation spot; if that’s the case, this might be a wise transfer. Getting as far-off from Hawkins as they will but in addition not revealing the place they are going could be a really perfect method for the Byers to get a recent begin and hold Eleven secure.

1. Will Stranger Things Be Different In Season 4?

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Stranger Things season Three has been warmly acquired by critics and followers, with some calling it one of the best season to date. However, it is also clear Stranger Things needs to change and may benefit from a shakeup of its worn-out method of monsters breaching from one other dimension, terrorizing Hawkins, and a handful of youngsters combating again. Meanwhile, the villains stay one-dimensional, with unclear motivations, and the resolutions to the issue of the Mind Slayer come off as stopgap options.

Stranger Things season Three broadening the scope to incorporate the Soviet Union’s efforts to achieve the Upside Down is intriguing and properly ties into the waning days of the Cold War within the mid-1980s, however the collection has additionally gone overboard with 1980’s nostalgia and incessant product placement. While the youngsters, the city of Hawkins, and the interval setting are the hallmarks of the present and the important thing causes for its success, followers nonetheless hope Stranger Things season Four can discover a method to clean up the collection and never simply repeat a variation of what they’ve accomplished to demise.

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Stranger Things is accessible to stream solely on Netflix.