Stranger Things Easter Egg Turns Netflix Into the Upside Down

An amusing Stranger Things Easter egg turns Netflix’s website into the Upside Down, and here’s how to experience it for yourself. While season 1 of Stranger Things introduced the world to many engaging characters and imaginative concepts, arguably the coolest part of the show was the Upside Down, a parallel dimension that served as a dark reflection of Hawkins’ normal reality. Well, normal for Hawkins at least. The portal to this realm was of course opened by Eleven during one of Dr. Brenner’s experiments, something she feels extremely bad about, despite it not really being her fault.

The main dramatic thrust of Stranger Things of season 1 was the quest to rescue Will Byers from the Upside Down, after he was trapped inside by a fearsome Demogorgon. This quest was simultaneously undertaken by Will’s mom Joyce, his brother Jonathan, his friends Mike, Dustin, and Lucas, and Sheriff Hopper, although their separate investigations into what happened didn’t end up fully converging until late in the season. Mike’s sister Nancy also got in the act, albeit with the additional motive of trying to rescue her friend Barb, who had also been taken.

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Stranger Things season 2 promises fans a further exploration into what the Upside Down contains, but for those wanting to head there a little early, Reddit has spotted the aforementioned Easter egg. To access it, first go to the Netflix website, then search for Stranger Things. When the result comes up, click the down arrow under the Stranger Things icon to get to the show’s details page. Once there, a glowing red light can be seen emanating from the side of the screen. Click this light to be sent into Netflix’s version of the Upside Down.

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Once inside the Upside Down, users can feel free to attempt further navigation, but the page isn’t cooperative. Instead, creepy sounds and visuals begin to appear and then increase in intensity, leading to a great scare that may very well catch many off guard. That scare won’t be spoiled here, but it’s entirely appropriate to the growing mythology of Stranger Things.

While this fall has not been without lots of big TV premieres – such as The Walking Dead season 8, or Supernatural season 13 – Stranger Things season 2’s impending arrival on Netflix is perhaps the most anticipated of them all. The Upside Down will surely attempt to claim more victims, and it’ll be up to Hawkins’ unlikely group of heroes to once again triumph over evil.

Stranger Things season 2 hits Netflix on October 27.

Source: Reddit [via Bloody Disgusting)