Splitsvilla 8 winners Prince and Anuki

Finally we got our brand new winners of Splitsvilla  season 8 Prince and Anuki. They held dance competition between 3 pairs Zaan and Karishma, Prince and Anuki , Uttu and Sana. This competition was held among hundred’s of outsiders and they became judges for that day. Before the dance competition Sunny leone performed amazingly with her dazzling body and impressed crowd. In the competition Uttu and Sana expressed how strong their connection is. Prince and Anuki dance is ok ok. Zaan and Karishma tried different but it didnt reached the crowd much.

Finally 2 pairs Uttu and Sana, Prince and Anuki reached last stage of grand finale after elimination of Zaan and Karishma. While going from splitsvilla Karishma expressed her feelings for Prince finally (appreciating). There is been tough competition between  Prince and Anuki , Uttu and Sana. Ishaan, Subuhi, Paras, Zaan and Karishma were there to cheer them up.

There were situations such as where Anuki stucked in between and Sana was unable to pluck heart symbols. Even though Uttu reached final halt first at last Prince made it to winner. Prince the Roadies X2 winner became the winner of Splitsvilla 8 also.