Sony has revived its Aibo robot dog collection after almost a decade. The latest Aibo is modeled number ERS-1000, and is priced at RMB 198,000, which translates to approximately Rs 19 lakh. Aibo is available for pre-orders in Japan via Sony’s online store, and will start shipping from January 11, 2018. As of now Aibo will be available in Japan only with global availability details awaited.

The cute little pet robot as Sony claims can “form an emotional bond with members of the household while providing them with love, affection, and the joy of nurturing and raising a companion”. Sony also says that Aibo has “feelings and desires and decides what he/she wants to do”. Aibo’s eyes use OLED panels which can detect obstacles, steps and people around and accordingly “decide what action to take”.

Aibo also has a soft corner for the color pink and likes to play with pink balls and toys. It is also mentioned how high places and narrow places aren’t suitable for Aibo to function. Aibo also collects data and the face it sees the most will be the most recognizable for the pet robot. Being cloud-based, Aibo can capture photos and save them under an app called “My Aibo”. You can take photos by simply saying “take a picture” to Aibo. You can also teach Aibo simple poses and dances and can set certain behavioral gestures on the app as well. ALSO READ: Elon Musk and 115 experts in AI and robotics join hands to ban the ‘killer robots’

Aibo comes in one color of Ivory White, and is powered by a 64-bit quad-core CPU. It has a total of 22 axes starting from 3-axis on its head and extending to two axes on the tail. Aibo has one speaker and four microphones built in and two cameras. For connectivity, it has a SIM card slot, Wi-Fi, and LTE support. Although the battery capacity isn’t mentioned, Aibo has enough power of around two hours with a charging time of three hours. ALSO READ: Boston Dynamic’s SpotMini is a cute robot dog that can wash dishes too