( TNO ) By squeezing more memory in a single chip , produced on 20 nm process technology , Samsung has opened up a better future for smartphones and tablets with RAM up to 6 GB .

According to Slashgear, Gigabit (Gb) is a unit of measurement other memory with gigabytes (GB), with each GB or 8 Gb, 12 Gb chip so Samsung will be equivalent to 1.5 GB.

Before the launch of the new chip, 20-nm manufacturing process by Samsung only offers 8 Gb RAM chip LPDDR4, means that 1 GB. 1GB chips are then combined in a 2-4 chip mixture to provide 2-4 GB RAM for smartphones and tablets today. Thus, the record production of 12 Gb chips on 20 nm process, Samsung could open future for smartphones and tablets with 6GB RAM by combining 4 chips without having to change any anything else, because it will be compatible with 20-nm memory current.

Large Value RAM will help smartphone manufacturers utilize the power of 64-bit chips is becoming increasingly common in smartphones. Besides, the chip RAM LPDDR4 fastest speeds, this opens up more future smartphones with extremely high processing performance.

With his achievement, perhaps 6 GB of RAM is the RAM LPDDR4 will appear first in the smartphone of Samsung. Typically, Samsung will only apply in the large RAM Galaxy Note phablet of line before putting it into a line of Galaxy S smartphones