Ridley Scott confirms there will be a sequel to Covenant, tentatively titled Alien: Awakening

The powerhouse filmmaker Ridley Scott, who has lately been proving himself to be one of the busiest in the industry, has come out and cleared the air on the future of an Alien sequel.

“We are [going to make another], we are. I think what we have to do is gradually drift away from the alien stuff.” Scott told Entertainment Weekly in an interview from the set of All the Money in the World, where he is busy re-shooting Kevin Spacey scenes out of the film.

Ridley Scott. Image via AFP/ Justin Tallis

Ridley Scott. Image via AFP/ Justin Tallis

As reported by Gamespot, only last month Scott had suggested that the Alien franchise might have run its course, especially after the below than expectation response to Alien: Covenant earlier this year, his latest statement has confirmed another sequel which might be called Alien: Awakening.

In the interview with Entertainment Weekly he explained that the subsequent film would require a new approach, pointing towards AI.

He said, “People say ‘you need more Alien, you need more face pulling, need more chest bursting,’ so I put a lot of that in Covenant and it fitted nicely. But I think if you go again, you need to start finding another solution that’s more interesting. I think AI is becoming much more dangerous and therefore more interesting.”

Covenant had made $240 million worldwide, considerably less than its prequel, Prometheus at $403 million. “I figured it was a good piece of business to follow through Prometheus, which, from ground zero, had good lift-off, ” he said. “So we went to Covenant to perpetuate the idea and [revive] the franchise of the Alien. [However] I think the beast has almost run out, personally,” Scott added as reported by Gamespot.


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