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Real talk: how community-driven apps can help you combat your anxiety



Chances are, approximately one out of ten of you reading this sentence have or are currently experiencing some form of an anxiety disorder. As defined by the National Institute of Mental Health, anxiety is a disorder where anxiousness doesn’t go away, eventually growing to affect school, work, and personal relationships. It’s a crippling disease and one that should not be taken lightly.

What makes anxiety so challenging to diagnose is the fact that while everyone gets anxious, not every case is a disorder. This can lead to not getting a diagnosis or being misdiagnosed, which can cause even more problems than initially set out. On the bright side, this is something that people are actively trying to solve and combat every day.

The growing problem with anxiety

While everyone gets anxious, that doesn’t necessarily mean that everyone can be diagnosed with anxiety. Quite simply, there’s a big difference in symptoms, as one is a mentally crippling disease that is prolonged over a period of weeks, months, and even years, while the other is a normal emotion. Granted, the issue here comes with two sides: on one end, there are those that should be seeking help but don’t feel as though anything is wrong; and on the other hand, those who believe they have anxiety due to the normal stresses of life. However, that doesn’t take away from this being one of the largest mental health issues facing our nation today.

As noted by the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, over 40 million Americans suffer from some sort of anxiety disorder. Additionally, according to the National Institute of Mental Health, women are 60 percent more likely to experience an anxiety disorder in their lifetime than men. Bare in mind, anxiety disorders are something that should be taken seriously but range in their severity. Phobias, panic disorders, PTSD, and OCD all qualify and are given treatments that could be anything from medication to therapy. However, for the majority of folks who suffer from anxiety, it’s a daily battle and one that could be treated via a little conversation.

Meet Paralign

Paralign is an anonymous peer-to-peer chat platform for mental and emotional support. What makes the app so brilliant is how stupid-simple it is as a solution. Quite simply, people can distract themselves from their anxiety by having a conversation, which tackles the primary cure for most. These discussions can vary from directly talking about what’s going on with them to just messages about positivity. Additionally, people can contribute to group chats as well, which gives an arsenal of support. The app tailors and serves content ranging from quotes and videos to guided meditation, so that for every shot shared on the app, there is a takeaway that enables the user to learn more and develop new solutions to managing stress and anxiety. Additionally the platform can sync with any wearable device, so that you always have the option to track your thoughts and moods, and subsequently gain deeper insights into your own thought patterns. And while Paralign obviously isn’t a cure all for those experiencing anxiety, it’s an excellent tool to have.

One of the biggest things about anyone who has a mental disorder isn’t just receiving a helping hand, but one from those who are going through a similar thing. Even though some of us try our best in helping our friends through tough times, it’s sometimes not enough to hear things from an outside perspective. In fact, in certain cases, it can be even more discouraging in establishing the line of thinking of “why can’t I look at things that way?”, Which in turn, makes the issue worse. However, by chatting with someone going through a similar thing, you suddenly have not only someone that can sympathize, but give details about how they got through their own battles their self. As I stated above, it’s an incredibly simple concept, but so far, one that’s been extremely effective.

The long term benefits

Issues like anxiety and depression don’t go away overnight. Perhaps one of the most frustrating things about suffering from one of these disorders is not knowing when the next episode is going to occur, for how long, and when this entire cycle will end. And as noted in a study by the Department of Clinical Psychobiology at New York State Psychiatric Institute, the majority of anxiety cases require long-term treatment. Which, as silly as it sounds, if you’re suffering from anxiety, the very fact you have anxiety can give you anxiety. However, that’s why Paralign can be such a huge help.

While there will probably never be a miracle pill to rid us of anxiety symptoms, there is hope in how we’re changing our approach. Being more open about our emotions and thinking is a huge step and one that people shouldn’t take lightly. Because at the end of the day, it’s not enough to say “you’re not alone’. No, sometimes we’re told things like that, but we can never know for sure. And in being able to talk to someone about it, well, that speaks volumes.

This post is part of our contributor series. The views expressed are the author’s own and not necessarily shared by TNW.


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7 Haunted Hotels That’ll Scare



7 haunted hotels

The idea of ‘ghosts’ has always been interesting but experiencing paranormal activity can lead to some indelible scars on one’s mind. People all around the world have felt spooky feeling in some hotels. Some fled while some stayed back to narrate stories. From icy sensation to weird sounds to haunting apparitions, some hotels of the world have really seen “too much”. Apart from celebrities, royals and common people, some hotels have also been visited by ghosts and spirits.

Here’s a list of spooky hotels from around the world:

#1 Stanley Hotel, Colorado

A hotel of paranormal activity has witnessed the ghosts of F.O. Stanley, the founder, and his wife passing through the lobby quite frequently. Also, the sound of children running and giggling down the halls is a common phenomenon in this spooky hotel. Opened in 1907, this hotel lost one of his housemaids, Elizabeth Wilson, in 1911. It is said her ghost once returned to assist the guest with their belongings in room 217. Chilling, isn’t?

#2 Hotel Roosevelt, California

This hotel is world famous for the celebrities it houses and also the lavish parties. Sadly, this lovely hotel has also witnessed some spooky happenings like the ghost of Marilyn Monroe viewing herself in the mirror placed in her former suite and also the ghost of the late actor Montgomery Cliff playing his trombone from room 928. How spooky is this!

#3 Langham Hotel, London

A very notable historical hotel in London, Langham hotel was established in 1865 and since then it has seen the coming and going of famous celebrities and some lavish parties. Other than celebrities and royals, ghosts also find respite in this hotel which has often heard guests complaining about seeing the apparition of Napoleon the third, a German soldier and a doctor who murdered his wife. If willing you can book room 333, the most haunted of all rooms! Willing, anyone?

#4 Hotel Raj Kiran, Lonavala

The authorities got so disturbed from constant complaints from residents of  the room at the corner of reception area about bed sheets being pulled off forcefully, seeing a blue ray of light in midnight, that they have now stopped renting that room. It’s been vacant since many years. So scary!

#5 Ballygally Castle, North Ireland

The castle was built by Lord Shaw and his wife Lady Isabella in 1625. Sadly, Lady Isabella fell off from the top of the tower. Some say she jumped while some say she was pushed. Her ghost is seen wandering in the hotels, knocking at the doors and then disappearing. In her honor, the hotel has reserved a room as the “The Ghost Room”.

#6 The Savoy, Mussoorie

One of the most famous haunted hotels in India, The Savoy was built in 1902 but after the murder of Lady Garnet Orme in 1910, began witnessing weird paranormal activities in the hotel. Famous for its haunted corridors and walls, the hotel was visited by the Indian Paranormal Society who recorded a lady’s whispers. Wonder what she was trying to say?

#7 Hotel Burchianti, Italy

Built in Florence, the hotel is famous for its impeccable styled rooms and the opulent décor. But apart from these what makes this hotel a bit more special is a list of paranormal activities going on at a regular basis. Guests have often seen the ghosts of children skipping down the halls, a lady sitting in a chair and knitting and a maid doing her cleaning jobs early morning. Visitors of Fresco Room where once Mussolini stayed, complain of being watched continuously and feeling an icy breath on their faces. Haunting!

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