Ram Gopal Varma faces flak for taking a dig at name of Pawan Kalyan’s newborn

In yet another bizarre online exchange, Ram Gopal Varma, who has built a somewhat notorious reputation around his social media posts, seems to stirring up another controversy. This time, he commented on the name of the Tollywood Superstar Pawan Kalyan’s newborn son, Mark Shankar Pawanovich.


File image of Ram Gopal Varma

This is Kalyan’s second child with his third wife Anna Lezhneva. The unique name is going viral, as are the weird comments from RGV.

Reacting to the rather unique name of Kalyan’s newborn boy, RGV posted on Facebook, “I BOW MY HEAD TO PAWAN KALYAN’s SONS NAME. Mark Shankar Pawanovich is the greatest name I heard since the very origin of languages as far back as the pre Christ era of the Twenty-sixth dynasty of medieval Egypt and also the first ever recorded language experiment conducted by the greatest Pharaoh Psammetichus. I find the integration of the individualism of Pawanism so very disintegrating but so very illustriously into a Russian owich and also as a Mark of homage to the primary Pawan originator Shanker.”

Ram Gopal Varma is no stranger to peculiar social media outbursts. He has been known to trash talk Sania Mirza, Tiger Shroff, Sunny Leone and did not even spare Tamil superstar Rajinikanth.


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