Quoth the Robo-Raven, “Recharge me!”


Researchers on the College of Maryland A. James Clark Faculty of Engineering have been engaged on the so-called Robo Raven for years. The continuing undertaking resulted within the first flying drone with impartial wing motion, a function that made these U of M UAV’s nearer to birds than ever earlier than.

Now Lena Johnson, a Ph.D. candidate in mechanical engineering, has created the Robo Raven V, a complicated model of the flying drone.

“Robo Raven has given me a complete platform to discover how engineers can benefit from avian flight to enhance drone capabilities,” she instructed IEEE< ?A>. “As a Ph.D. scholar, my analysis is targeted on reaching one thing new with this UAV platform that has already made aviation historical past by flying on wings that may transfer independently of one another.”

The brand new raven has two propellers for quicker takeoff and has improved maneuverability thanks to raised wing design. As you’ll be able to see above, it flies like an enormous butterfly, evenly taking to the breeze with huge mylar wings. It’s a reasonably – and intelligent – model of the everyday flying drone and it will likely be fascinating to see how far Johnson can take the expertise.

Quoth the Robo-Raven, “Recharge me!” 1


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