Politician believes he’s a ‘Game of Thrones’ character and we’re here for it

Unless you were hiding in an underground cave, you might have heard that everyone’s favourite TV show — Game of Thrones of course — is finally back, and people are ridiculously excited about that.

Well, someone was really thrilled to see Jon Snow & co. back in action, as spotted by this user on Reddit: 

Before you ask, yes, the governor of Mexico’s northern state, Nuevo León, really posted this doctored picture of Jon Snow with his face and a modified version of the Stark emblem on his official Facebook account. 

Jaime Rodriguez Calderon, nicknamed El Bronco, rose to fame in 2015 after he became the first independent politician to win governorship in Mexico on an anti-corruption and populist agenda. 

He said in the Facebook post that someone created the meme and he found it “very funny”. 

“While I’ve only seen some episodes [of the series], I’ve been told that after a lot of abuse from the Crown, the north rose and marched to stop injustice,” he said, attempting to find parallels between the Stark family’s struggle in the TV show and his own political trajectory. 

“It’s time that we, as northerners, rise as well and stand against this useless system. Don’t miss it, it starts at 8:00pm.”

People on Reddit found the hero they needed: 

Real fans pointed out that El Bronco should be a Lannister as Leon = Lion (Lannister’s symbol) in the series:

While others took the comparison a bit too far…

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