NTR’s “Nannaku Prematho” Dialogues Leaked

Young Tiger NTR is currently acting within the film directed by Sukumar. In this film Sukumar made NTR to deliver new kind of dialogues. These dialogues were leaked currently before the release of the film.

In the Nannaku Prematho film, NTR’s role is a cop. NTR’s look, style area completely different in this movie when compared to his previous movies.

The Dialogues that were leaked which delivered by NTR were…

Nanna Yedugudalanu Nerpinchadu Kaani Yedugutunna Vaarini Laagaalani Nerpinchaledu

Another dialouge is,

Nanna History Pustakallo Dorikedi Kaadu… Janaala Madhyalo… Vaari Gundello Dorikedi

Sources revealed that, Jr. NTR will say these dialogues in an emotional way and it is also heard that, ‘Nannaku Prematho’ film will have unique shocking twist which any of the Telugu films doesn’t have. However an official announcement regarding the same is still awaited.