Delhi University Included The Facebook Writing Course

Don’t make comments on who writes the posts on Facebook. Because Delhi university recognized that this writing is a skill. That’s why it includes the Facebook in its courses.

You know that Letter writing is one part of the English subject. Now Delhi university included the Facebook writing course in this type. This Facebook writing available under skill enhancement course.

Feelings can express through the language only. There is no need to write the Grandha’s or the Sahitya’s to test your language skills. Delhi professors said that the proficiency in the language estimated by his/ her thoughts posted in the Facebook in the form of updates.

Facebook writing is in pending for its first permission to enter into the syllabus. If it’s approved, indirectly the Facebook usage will be in our education system. Already one university in UK , giving masters degree in social media. This is first time in India to give course on social media.