Nirbhoya film overview: An ill-crafted, ill-intentioned movie missing any semblance of logic or decency

(Our software program doesn’t allow us to indicate lower than 0.25 stars within the ranking graphic above. Please observe...

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Nirbhoya movie review: An ill-crafted, ill-intentioned film lacking any semblance of logic or decency

(Our software program doesn’t allow us to indicate lower than 0.25 stars within the ranking graphic above. Please observe that the precise ranking given to this movie by our critic is Zero stars.)

In current reminiscence, no incident has shaken our nation to such an extent because the brutal gangrape of a 23-year-old younger girl within the streets of South Delhi on the evening of 16 December, 2012. The next dying of the sufferer, who got here to be extensively recognized within the media merely as ‘Nirbhaya’ – the fearless one – led to widespread and unprecedented public outrage as the complete nation got here collectively to ask one easy however pertinent query – how protected are ladies in a rustic like India?

A nonetheless from Nirbhoya. Picture by way of YouTube screengrab

Six years after the incident occurred, director Milan Bhowmik’s movie Nirbhoya alludes to the horrific incidents of that evening – though a disclaimer claims that the movie has nothing to do with the infamous Nirbhaya case. Which I’m glad it does, as a result of the movie is so awfully unhealthy that it might have been a travesty to have this sham of a movie exist within the annals of movie historical past as a cinematic report of such heinous and but so important an occasion within the shining new model of India.

I’m not going to dignify the movie with a prolonged overview, so right here’s the crux of it, in bullets (I intend my pun in all fury).

• The movie has no much less sleaze than the one on the minds of perpetrators of such crimes. I’ve neither the inclination nor the center to get into particulars.

• It manages to make rank fools out of such gifted actors as Soumitra Chattopadhyay, Ashish Vidyarthi and Kharaj Mukhopadhyay – making them look unhealthy on display screen in manners I had by no means imagined doable in even my worst nightmares.

• There may be not one – not a single good scene within the movie. Nor does it have any semblance of logic. Or artwork. Or decency. Or ethics. Or anything that’s even bordering good within the earth that the type Lord has created.

• Even when I have been to droop my opinion in regards to the voice of the movie and the message it delivers for a few hours – even then – as a movie, Nirbhoya is so outrageously silly and ill-crafted and worst of all – ill-intentioned – that it turns into a ache to sit down by it. That is essentially the most devilish, most tortuous and vilest doable manifestation of what we movie critics name the hazards of our occupation.

• The makers of the movie – which shouts from the rooftops and preaches classes on the modesty and dignity of girls – has treasured a lot to find out about respecting ladies.

• What the movie is – within the garb of being ‘socially related’ cinema – is actually a sub-par, B-grade, sleazy assortment of amateurishly shot and atrociously acted scenes whose sole goal is to money in on the incident that rocked our nation. Had the intentions of the makers been any totally different, they’d have chosen to deal with the ladies with somewhat extra respect in a movie about rape.

I don’t often say this, as a result of I’m conscious that there are livelihoods at stake, however then I’m human too, so right here’s my verdict – steer clear of this obnoxious movie. You’ll do your self, and all of humanity, an incredible service.

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