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New Interface For Windows 10 Installation



Are you bored with old UI of windows installation? Now Microsoft is making some really MAJOR changes to Windows 10.

In the latest version of Windows they have updated the setup and installation UI.

Today early morning, I installed the new Windows 10 Home Insider Preview and here is the new UI of Windows 10 Installation.

Windows 10 New Installtion UI


The New Microsoft windows 10 Installation UI seems to be way more informative than the old one because it displays a ring that acts as a progress bar and along the bottom of the UI are the various steps of the installation process.

The top of the screen says “Installing Windows” and below that “Your PC will restart several times. Sit back and relax”.

Below that is a large ring that acts as the progress bar for the installation process and it lights up as the install works its way towards completion.

Below the ring are the words are “Configuring Settings, Setting Up, Applying PC Settings, Setting up a few more things”.

In Windows 10 gives you the ability to create a new desktop as many.

What is clear that Microsoft is really changing absolutely everything.

Here are some screens from Windows 10 Home Insider Preview:-

Windows 10 New Installtion UI

Windows 10 New Installtion UI

New Windows 10 UI IMG_4361New Windows 10 UI IMG_4363 IMG_20150518_073548 IMG_20150518_074147 IMG_20150518_074206 IMG_20150518_074524 IMG_20150518_074623


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BlackBerry’s KEYone ‘Black Edition’ offers more than just good looks



BlackBerry’s most interesting phone in years – if not an entire decade – is the KEYone, an Android device with a classic BlackBerry hardware keyboard that finally answers the needs of truly dedicated thumb typists with a modern mobile OS. Now, the KEYone ‘Black Edition’ has arrived, and it’s more than just a fresh coat of paint on an older gadget.

In fact, the ‘Black Edition’ doubles the internal storage of the KEYone, from 32GB up to 64GB (and it retains its expandable memory capability via microSD) – plus, it boosts RAM up to 4GB, which is a very welcome change from the 3GB on the original, if only because the one complaint I had about the original KEYone was that it could feel a bit pokey in places in terms of the speed of elements of the OS and some aspects of a few applications.

The ‘Black Edition’ feels speedier in all regards, after a few days of testing, and still retains all the charm of the original. The all-black design feels a bit less retro, but on the whole is probably a more appealing look for a larger segment of the population vs. the dual-tone silver and black of the original. And the phone benefits from months of production of the KEYone by TCL, which should mean it’s got less in the way of manufacturing quirks.

Basically, this is the current best BlackBerry you can buy, and it’s actually up there in terms of the top Android device options – for a certain type of buyer. That is, if you value the physical keyboard, and the convenience that comes with having a whole lot of hardware shortcuts for apps and actions at your fingertips, and you’re not as concerned about having a large, generous display for watching videos or other content, this is probably right up your alley.

The ‘Black Edition’ KEYone also has that assignable dedicated hardware button on the side, which is far more useful than the Note 8’s Bixby button, and the keyboard doubles as a trackpad for scrolling and other features which keep the display free of obfuscation while browsing Twitter and reading documents.

BlackBerry’s ‘Black Edition’ KEYone went on sale this week in Canada at Amazon, Telus and Walmart for $799.99 off contract.

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Windows 10 Comes With Built-In Screen Recorder Know How To Use It



The use of screen recorder is to capture the screenshot of screen, record an activity, create a educational tutorials or troubleshooting videos etc. We use many third party applications/tools for screen recording but Windows 10 comes with built-in screen recorder.

Here is how to use it:

  • Click on the Start button type xbox and then click on the Xbox application.

  • After opening the app, press Windows + G on the screen after the it asks you “Do you want to open Game bar?” you just lie and check the box that says Yes, This is a game

  • After doing that you will see a game bar with the following options.

  • Click on Start recording (Win+Alt+R) to record the screen.

You can find your screen recordings C:\Users:\[username]:\Videos:\Captures

Now you can record everything very easily without any help of third party tool/application.

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What is the zero day bug in software and apps?



We are listening this word mostly in android and windows operating systems. Developers making so many tests when they are making phone apps, computer software and operating systems. After finalization, if it is well then they will release it into the market and we will use them.

But suddenly a hacker or a security organization identified the security problem in that software by accidentally or intentionally. This is called 0-day vulnerability. This security problem is not known to anybody in the world except the hacker.

This security problem is not known to developers also. So this 0-day bugs are very dangerous.So many hackers will take an advantage of it, if it is known outside. The company will recognize the problem in their app after some loss. Then they will release the software update. Since then they are dangerous.

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