Are you bored with old UI of windows installation? Now Microsoft is making some really MAJOR changes to Windows 10.

In the latest version of Windows they have updated the setup and installation UI.

Today early morning, I installed the new Windows 10 Home Insider Preview and here is the new UI of Windows 10 Installation.

Windows 10 New Installtion UI


The New Microsoft windows 10 Installation UI seems to be way more informative than the old one because it displays a ring that acts as a progress bar and along the bottom of the UI are the various steps of the installation process.

The top of the screen says “Installing Windows” and below that “Your PC will restart several times. Sit back and relax”.

Below that is a large ring that acts as the progress bar for the installation process and it lights up as the install works its way towards completion.

Below the ring are the words are “Configuring Settings, Setting Up, Applying PC Settings, Setting up a few more things”.

In Windows 10 gives you the ability to create a new desktop as many.

What is clear that Microsoft is really changing absolutely everything.

Here are some screens from Windows 10 Home Insider Preview:-

Windows 10 New Installtion UI
Windows 10 New Installtion UI

New Windows 10 UI IMG_4361New Windows 10 UI IMG_4363 IMG_20150518_073548 IMG_20150518_074147 IMG_20150518_074206 IMG_20150518_074524 IMG_20150518_074623