New Avengers 4 fan theory suggests one of the Infinity Stones is the real villain, not Thanos

One other day. One other Avengers 4 principle. Hope you are prepared for this one because it is bound to choose your mind.

After constructing as much as his look for ten entire years, Marvel lastly delivered a super-villain, who proved to be greater than a match for the Earth’s mightiest. Thanos not solely took down the Avengers but additionally wiped out half the universe in Infinity War.

Avengers: Infinity Battle’s Thanos. Marvel Studios

However the newest principle gathering lots of upvotes on Reddit suggests Thanos isn’t the true villain within the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Reddit user zaneman777 claims the true unhealthy man to be the Thoughts Stone by providing loads of proof as to how it’s manipulates not solely those that possess it but additionally these round it.

(MCU) The true villian in Infinity War is the Mind Stone. from r/FanTheories

‘So I’ve been going by the sequence once more and been noticing that each time the thoughts stone is concerned there may be anyone who needs to kill all people or a minimum of a substantial amount of individuals,’ the Redditor stated earlier than positing, “My principle is that the thoughts stone is alive (Pink Cranium talked about the soul stone was wiser then the others helps that the opposite stones have sapience) can see the longer term (as seen within the visions it provides) and noticed its personal destruction and set Thanos on the entire quest for the gauntlet and killing off half the universe was simply to reverse time and reserve it from destruction. Or it simply hates life.”

All this theorising and debating solely helps kill time until subsequent 12 months’s mega-event Avengers 4 lastly drops in theatres and hopefully places all these theories to relaxation.

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