Natural ways to get good hair

Good Hair is every girls dream. Who don’t want to showoff their healthy and shiny hair to all , well of course everyone. Then how to get good hair ? rather than going for expensive saloons we can get good conditioned hair naturally in home itself.

Basic rule: Clean your hair perfectly. Don’t wash hair frequently cause it will prevents natural hair oil .

# Use natural ingredients like egg (white part) or curd before going for hair wash. Apply it for 30 mins and wash it.

# Apply oil at least for 2 or 3 days once.

# Don’t use hot water for hair wash.

# Apply warm oil atleast once a week.

# Curd and lemon mixture will prevent dandruff.

# Yellow part of egg will give good shine to hair but have to wash properly to avoid smell.

# Almond oil gives you strong hair.