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Morgan Freeman to Star in Marshall Director’s Colin Powell Biopic

Oscar-winning actor Morgan Freeman, whose on-screen resume already includes multiple portraits of high government officials, will play former U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell in the biopic Powell from director Reginald Hudlin. Black Panther actor Chadwick Boseman can currently be seen playing a pre-Supreme Court Thurgood Marshall in Marshall, another Reginald Hudlin-directed biopic.

Vietnam War veteran and four-star general Powell began his Washington career as National Security Advisor under Ronald Reagan, later going on to serve as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and finally Secretary of State under George W. Bush. As Secretary of State, Powell controversially helped sell the United Nations on the United States’ invasion of Iraq by offering alleged evidence of WMDs in a televised presentation.

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THR reports that Morgan Freeman, a man who has played many a powerful person in his day, will tackle the role of Colin Powell in a biopic from Marshall director Reginald Hudlin. Ed Whitworth penned the script, a 2011 Black List selection, which covers Powell’s controversial time in George W. Bush’s White House. The movie is being produced by Hyde Park Entertainment and Freeman’s own Revelations Entertainment, with Freeman getting an executive producer credit.

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With his commanding presence and smooth vocal delivery, Freeman has long been considered one of Hollywood’s best actors at portraying government officials and other people in positions of authority. Freeman’s first memorable man-in-charge role came in 1989 when he played hard-nosed principal Joe Clark in the biopic Lean On Me. Freeman played the president in the disaster movie Deep Impact, and later played Speaker of the House and then vice-president Trumbull in the Gerard Butler action vehicles Olympus Has Fallen and London Has Fallen. The actor has been a Supreme Court justice too, playing Chief Justice Wilbourne on the series Madame Secretary. He reached the pinnacle of his career playing powerful entities when he tackled the role of God in Bruce Almighty and its sequel Evan Almighty.

Freeman has also portrayed more than his share of military men, playing Sgt. Major John Rawlins in the sprawling war epic Glory, General Billy Ford in the thriller Outbreak and Col. Abraham Curtis (of the memorably bizarre eyebrows) in the notoriously bad Stephen King adaptation Dreamcatcher. Freeman has played a handful of notable real-life figures over the course of his career as well, including Malcolm X in an early-career TV movie and Nelson Mandela in Clint Eastwood’s Invictus. Freeman has five Oscar nominations, winning Best Supporting Actor in 2005 for Eastwood’s Million Dollar Baby.

With Marshall garnering good reviews, Hudlin is a director gaining steam in Hollywood, and his Powell biopic with Freeman in the lead is sure to be on a lot of people’s radar screens as a possible awards contender when it arrives in theaters.

Source: THR



Malayalam actress assault case: Trial against Dileep and other accused to begin a year after abduction


Feb,18 2018 13:45 28 IST

Exactly a year later, the much-anticipated verdict in the Kerala actress kidnap case, in which actor Dileep has been named as the eighth accused, is to emerge with the trial set to begin very soon.

Dileep. File Photo

Dileep. File Photo

And the question that is uppermost in people’s minds is — will Dileep walk free or be behind bars.

It was this day last year that the abduction incident took place while the actress was on her way to Kochi from her house in Thrissur.

Her driver allegedly joined hands with a group of ‘criminals’ led by Pulsar Suni, who is the prime accused, and drove her through the busy streets of the commercial capital of the state and after two hours she was dropped near the home of director-actor Lal.

After she told him about what had happened to her, Lal called the police. The driver was first taken into custody and in a few days the rest of the gang, including Suni, was arrested.

But the twist in the tale, in true cinematic style, came when superstar Dileep was arrested on 10 July, 2017, after two rounds of questioning. After spending 85 days in jail, he got conditional bail.

Since then the police probe team has been busy in tying the loose ends in the now high profile case.

The trial court in December accepted the charge sheet that names a total of 12 persons, including Dileep as accused, while his former wife Manju Warrier, is a key witness.

The 650-page charge sheet included secret depositions. Among the list of witnesses, are around 50 from the film industry.

Now all eyes are on the beginning of the trial as the police is burning the midnight oil to see if they can successfully recover the visuals of the kidnapping and alleged molestation, which is reported to have been filmed by the gang.

Published Date: Feb 18, 2018 13:45 PM | Updated Date: Feb 18, 2018 13:45 PM


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Drake donates $1 million to struggling Miami residents on set of his God’s Plan music video

Los Angeles: The song is called God’s Plan and Canadian rapper Drake dropped a music video to match on Friday in which he gave away almost $1 million in cash to people in Miami.

Drake, the world’s best-selling artist of 2016, followed it up with a challenge on Instagram urging his fans to “go out and be nice to each other.”

Drake gives away a wad of cash in God's Plan music video. YouTube

Drake gives away a wad of cash in God’s Plan music video. YouTube

The God’s Plan video upended the usual lavish efforts from music production companies, and instead showed Drake handing out wads of cash to struggling families, toys to children, scholarships to students and checks to a women’s shelter and a youth club in Miami, Florida.

“The budget for this video was $996,631.90. We gave it all away. Don’t tell the label,” says the message at the start of the video

Before its release, Drake, 31, called the video “the most important thing I have ever done in my career.”

Emotional fans took to Twitter with effusive praise.

“If you’ve seen Drake’s God’s Plan video and it didn’t hit your heart then I just don’t know. That man’s doing it right,” tweeted one man, Michael McGraw.

“Cried reaaaal tears looking at God’s plan music video. it’s a good life,” a user called Janae wrote on Twitter.

Hours later the Grammy-winning singer issued a challenge on his Instagram saying “let’s all watch the world be nice to each other even if it’s for 24 hours.”

God’s Plan has held the top spot on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart for the past three weeks.

Published Date: Feb 18, 2018 13:48 PM | Updated Date: Feb 18, 2018 13:48 PM


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Ram Gopal Varma appears before Hyderabad police in obscenity case filed over God, Sex and Truth


Feb,17 2018 18:22 14 IST

Hyderabad: Filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma on Saturday appeared before Hyderabad police in connection with a case of obscenity booked against him for his movie God, Sex and Truth, and also for allegedly insulting the modesty of a woman.

Ram Gopal Varma. Image from Firstpost

Ram Gopal Varma. Image from Firstpost

The filmmaker, whose controversial movie with American adult entertainment star Mia Malkova was released on internet last month, appeared before the officials of Central Crime Station (CCS) in response to the notice served on him.

The police officials questioned him about the allegations made against him by women activists.

On 25 January, a day before the release of the movie, Varma was booked by the CCS. A case under section 67 of the Information Technology Act, 2000 was booked against him for publishing or transmitting obscene material in electronic form.

The filmmaker was also booked under sections 506 and 509 of Indian Penal Code for allegedly making personal comments against women activists during the debate on the movie on some television channels. When activists accused him of promoting obscenity, Varma allegedly offered to make similar movies with them. He has been charged with insulting the modesty of a woman.

The CCS this week issued fresh notice on Varma as he could not appear before the officials earlier.

Women’s organizations in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh had staged protest last month demanding ban on the release of the movie on web and Varma’s immediate arrest.

The activists alleged that Varma released the movie on web to avoid the certification by authorities. They said the filmmaker is portraying woman as a sex object and promoting pornography.

Published Date: Feb 17, 2018 18:22 PM | Updated Date: Feb 17, 2018 18:22 PM


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