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Microsoft employee switches from Edge browser to Chrome mid-presentation


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That’s a good mix of embarrassing and funny!

Prepare to laugh and feel bad at the same time! At an Azure presentation, a Microsoft employee was forced to pause mid way of the live demo session in order to install, wait for it, Google Chrome, because, wait for it, his Microsoft Edge browser kept crashing.

And here’s what makes this worse, this comical crash was recorded and uploaded on YouTube. You’d say who’d me such a monster to do that? Well, Microsoft itself! This was first reported by The Next Web.

This Azure presentation was aimed to demonstrate the potential customers the process to migrate their applications and data to Redmond’s cloud service. But in the middle of the whole thing, Edge crashes.

We can see in the video, that after a brief moment of hesitation, the employee finally gives up and charmingly informs the audience that he’ll be taking a moment to install Chrome in order to finish the demo session, which he then goes on to do. ALSO READ: Microsoft Skype for desktop gets a new design, themes and more

(If you are watching the video below for the dirt, you might want to move up to 37:19 mark.)

To be fair, the employee presenting handled the situation quite well. You can hear him laugh at himself the moment he searches in Google Chrome to download. Jokingly, he even says, “We are not going to help make Google better”, when prompted to share browser data and usage stats with the rival. ALSO READ: Google Chrome for Android now lets you view saved passwords

Overall, this was probably the most gracefully the employee could have handled the situation, and kudos to him for that.

However, watching this video I cannot help but think of the goof up that recently happened at Apple’s annual keynote event. With the grand launch of iPhone X, Apple senior vice president Craig Federighi took the stage to talk about the most talked-about feature of the phone – the Face ID. As he started to introduce the feature, he could not unlock the phone in his first attempt during the on-stage presentation. He then had to put in the passcode to unlock. ALSO READ: iPhone X: Watch Ellen DeGeneres roast Apple’s most expensive smartphone

Though Microsoft hasn’t yet justified the crashing of the Edge browser yet, Apple had come out a day later to say that the Face ID not recognizing Federighi’s face was actually how it was meant to work. Let’s see what Microsoft comes up with. ALSO READ: Face ID didn’t fail at the Apple event, it worked as it was designed to: Apple


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