Microsoft Arrow Launcher for Android

One of the reasons for the popularity of the Android smartphones is the simple customization. You can browse from the variety of launchers that suits you best. Be that as it may, nobody expected a Microsoft Android launcher inside their Play Store.

Microsoft has brought a private beta Arrow Launcher into the business sector that is as of now overflowed with various Android Launchers. All in all, what’s new in Microsoft Android Launcher?

The Arrow Launcher presets three pages that will have People Page(contacts) as a first page, second one is the landing page of the launcher which is an Apps Page comprising of recent and frequently used app section and the third and the last page is the Notes and Reminders Page.

microsoft android arrow launcher

So, overall the Arrow Launcher will provide you quickness at work, but lack of customization. You are restricted by the choice to add any of your most loved application to any page, and to even make any page your home page.

The Microsoft android launcher incorporates a dock to pull you’re most frequent used applications from the base. What’s more, you would likewise like the day by day Bing wallpaper in the event that you happen to be a fan of those.

The Arrow Launcher is Microsoft’s first Android Launcher. It doubtlessly made a few news, however the private beta rendition doesn’t appear to inspire much. The Arrow launcher is great however ideally, the following form of Microsoft android launcher will have something all the more energizing.

If you want to try the beta version, you have to sign up at Microsoft’s Google+ community, or Microsoft One Drive for download.

Source : Microsoft-news