Learn or Leave

As the number of technologies out numbered today, you can’t stick around the same piece of work you are doing over years. If you want stay in industry, learn it – so that you will earn. Otherwise prepare yourself to say bye before IT says good bye to you.

Fear of Learning New Techs!

Fear of learning

General behavior of human being is always having that fear to be part of new things/change that’s happening around. You call it fear or phobia or what ever it is. Let me tell you an example here – When we came out from our mother’s womb, we don’t know how to walk,talk,eat,etc. But later we did learn those. Like the same way, start thinking about job as well. Leave your fear apart or Be ready to leave your job

How much time does it take ?

Its not a day or a month that brings change in your career. Learning should become your habit. Look out for the opportunities in your everyday’s work. See what can you do better than yesterday. Let us assume you are system admin guy and doing same work over years, its time to change the way you are doing.

Start Now

Upgrade with industry. IT no more requires people like ‘Hey,I have 10 years experience on X tool, I am master of it’. Today IT needs people like ‘Hi, I have 6 years of experience, I know X,Y,Z to A point.’ Simply Master of none-Jack of all. So as early you start learning things, the more you stay in the industry.

All the best. Keep learning..