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Kick 2 Teaser – Ravi Teja, Rakul Preet Singh



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Cast: Ravi Teja, Rakul Preet Singh

Director : Surender Reddy

Music : SS Thaman

Producer : Nandamuri Kalyanram

Banner : NTR Arts

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The Walking Dead Producer Responds to Crossover Fan Theories



The Walking Dead executive producer Greg Nicotero has been listening to fan theories about the coming crossover between the venerable AMC zombie series and its sister show Fear the Walking Dead, but though he admits some of the guesses have been intriguing, he says fans so far have missed the mark. That the two series would finally be converging, if only in small way, was confirmed to great excitement by comic book creator Robert Kirkman at NYCC.

Kirkman would not give away which character would be swapping series, leaving the door wide open for fans to make their best guesses on the matter. One popular theory has the character of Abraham Ford (Michael Cudlitz), who spent several seasons on The Walking Dead before dying at the hands of Negan in the season 7 premiere, showing up on Fear the Walking Dead (which takes place at an earlier point in time) when the show switches its location to Houston. Another theory holds that one or more FWTD characters will show up as Whisperers when, at some point in the near future, The Walking Dead introduces that particular group of long-awaited comic book characters. Yet another theory has the character of Morales, who disappeared during season 5 of The Walking Dead, re-emerging on Fear.

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Speaking to, Walking Dead executive producer and frequent episode director Greg Nicotero addressed all these fan crossover theories and claimed that so far none of them have been right, though he does admit to being intrigued by at least one of the bigger ones.

“Nope, not yet. I love the fan theories. The Abraham one was certainly intriguing and definitely my favorite. I’m not sure when it’s gonna take place. I don’t know when we’re actually introducing that. Listen, the fans come up with some great ideas. Even if they were on point, you know I can’t tell you that!”

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Though Nicotero appears to have shot down the Abraham theory (simultaneously admitting that he couldn’t confirm the theory even if he wanted to), all signs still point to that character being the logical candidate to pop up on FTWD. The show we know is moving to Houston, which is where Abraham was before the character hooked up with Eugene and made his way north to finally encounter Rick and the main group. It would be easy to plop Abraham into at least one episode of FTWD and therefore create a fun, welcome little crossover moment for a fan favorite character who many were sad to see die.

The Abraham theory at this point seems so natural that it might almost be too obvious, opening up the possibility that the Houston clue was dropped into FTWD as a deliberate misdirect. If Abraham is not the one crossing over, who then will be making the jump? The theory that has Fear‘s Alicia (Alycia Debnam-Carey) and/or Madison (Kim Dickens) showing up on The Walking Dead as a Whisperer is less obvious and therefore more interesting, but also happens to be very far-fetched for a number of reasons, timeline issues being the least of these.

Given the way the two shows’ different timelines work out, the easiest and most logical thing is still for someone from The Walking Dead to show up in a brief appearance on Fear the Walking Dead, and the most logical character to make that leap is still Abraham (regardless of what Greg Nicotero says).



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David Fincher’s Directing Trick You Never Noticed



A new video essay analyzes David Fincher‘s camera movements, and one seemingly obvious detail may have unnoticed by practically everyone. Fincher is one of the most critically-acclaimed filmmakers working in the industry today, having made well-known films such as Fight Club, Gone Girl, and The Social Network, as well as Seven, The Game, and The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, among others – all of which has been universally praised by critics and audiences alike. He’s even dabbled in television as well, directing and producing Netflix’s Mindhunter and House of Cards.

While many moviegoers would have at least seen one of his movies over the years, those who haven’t would still be able to tell they are watching a David Fincher movie simply by analyzing the details. Aside from his constant use of muted colors, Fincher’s camera movements are what makes his films identifiable. Of course, the average moviegoer may not be to determine which camera movements Fincher utilizes, but this new video essay may be able to help with that predicament.

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The YouTube channel Nerdwriter1 recently published a video essay, titled “How David Fincher Hijacks Your Eyes,” that explores David Fincher’s choice camera movements, and the result is quite obvious, yet easily overlooked. Fincher, apparently, moves the camera – either by tilting, panning, or tracking – along with characters’ emotions and movements. For instance, if a character sits back in his chair, the camera will move with the character, no matter how small the movement may be. You can watch the video above for more detail.

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Fincher revels in creative freedom. After all, the adverse experience he had working with 20th Century Fox on Alien 3 – going through principal photography without a completed script, plus having his cut of the film sliced and diced and reworked by the studio – significantly affected his career, convincing him never to make another movie without the ability to control each and every aspect. That’s, in part, why his fans will never see him direct a comic book movie.

The filmmaker’s style of directing may not be unique, but it’s certainly something that he has mastered, while also appearing noticeably different from other auteur directors. For instance, while Fincher captures emotion through movement, someone like Denis Villeneuve – who’s becoming more and more recognizable thanks to movies such as Sicario, Arrival, and Blade Runner 2049 – captures emotion through silence and, particularly, the lack of movement. Where the two directors meet, though, is through their long shots, something that’s becoming increasingly more common nowadays.

Source: YouTube


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Steppenwolf & Darkseid May Have Their Traditional Comic Book Relationship After All



The confusion around the relationship between Steppenwolf and Darkseid in Justice League may have been resolved. Warner Bros’ much-anticipated blockbuster is almost here and as we draw closer to its roll-out, more rumors are being proven and discarded. This new one sheds a light on main villain Steppenwolf’s motivations, as well as his place in the bigger DC Film Universe narrative.

It’s not unusual for movie adaptations to do a bit of tweaking with character origins from their source materials. So when it was reported earlier this month that the two DC villains, apparently, will have switched up familial ties in the upcoming ensemble film, people simply accepted and drew the conclusion that perhaps the same thing has been done with regard to the aforementioned antagonists. It turns out, that may not the case.


In a feature, Hollywood Magazine‘s state that Steppenwolf will apparently maintain his comic book place as the uncle of Apokolips’ dictator, Darkseid. Below is an excerpt from the article briefing readers on what we need to know about Steppenwolf before he wreaks havoc in the film:

“The uncle of the universe’s greatest villain, Darkseid, and a member of his elite force, Steppenwolf survived a battle with Doomsday. That should tell you just how powerful he is. Aside from his strength and near-immortality, he’s also an expert tactician and wields a vicious electro-axe that can cut through just about anything.

Steppenwolf’s primary role is as the leader of the parademons, the storm troopers who seek to destroy in the name of Darkseid. His primary mission is to serve his nephew, and his status as the main villain in Justice League suggests the scope of the threat facing Earth, as well as the inevitable appearance of Darkseid himself.

Irish star Ciaran Hinds plays the role in the movie, though he will appear through the use of motion-capture technology. According to the actor, in the film, Steppenwolf is old, tired, and trying desperately to get out from under his servitude to his nephew.”

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While this would seem to confirm a return to the comic status quo, it is possible that HM are simply quoting from the character’s comic past and don’t have any scoop on the villain. They cite Steppenwolf fighting Doomsday, which is true in the comics but based on the character’s creation in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice that can’t have happened in the movies.

In any case, basing from the article, it seems like the film will dive deep into the mythology, not just of our heroes but their foes, as well.

Depending on how Justice League leaves Steppenwolf, whether he meets his end or he simply retreats in defeat, will say a lot about the bigger cosmic threat in the DCEU. This is especially intriguing given his connection with an arguably bigger bad, who is, possibly, also coming to town, perhaps in the already-in-development Justice League sequel.

Source: Hollywood Magazine


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