In William Shakespeare’s adaptation of Julius Caesar, there’s a line that stands out in context of current news: “The evil that men do lives after themthe good is oft interred with their bones.”  This seems to fit perfectly with Kevin Spacey, given the current crop of accusations and allegation hurled at him.

According to recent reports, the talent agency CAA is no longer representing Kevin Spacey as of late Thursday (2 November) evening.

A person with knowledge of the decision who was not authorised to speak, publicly confirmed that both CAA and Spacey’s publicist Staci Wolfe have parted ways with the actor amid growing claims of sexual harassment against him.

Representatives from the agency did not immediately respond to Associated Press’ request for comment.

CNN reported, on 2 November, that eight current or former House of Cards workers claim Spacey made the Netflix production a “toxic” workplace and one ex-employee alleges the actor sexually assaulted him.

Kevin Spacey opens the 71st Tony Awards. Image from Twitter.

Kevin Spacey opens the 71st Tony Awards. Image from Twitter.

Along with that, Vulture carried a report that interviewed a man who claims to have had a sexual relationship with Spacey when the former was 14 and the latter was 24. This anonymous person, currently aged 48, had first met Spacey in the year 1981. This was two years before their alleged “relationship” started.

Spacey then took weekend acting classes as a guest teacher in Westchester County, while he was an active member of the New York theater scene. Two years later, in 1983, they met again after Spacey shared his telephone number. And with that began a physical relationship that met a rather unpleasant end.

He says that he was really excited by the prospect of dating Spacey then. “I felt like I’d won the lottery. A little drunk with it and very delighted with the attention,” he told Vulture.

But a year into the relationship, when the anonymous interviewee turned 15, Spacey, in one of their encounters, said he wanted to have sex with him. Till then, they just fooled around without going all the way. When he refused, Spacey allegedly pounced at him and attempted to rape him.

However, Spacey’s lawyer reverted to these claims stating his client absolutely “denies the allegation”.

The whole controversy to Spacey’s alleged “predatory” advances began when Anthony Rapp revealed that Spacey tried to make sexual advances at him when he was 14 and Spacey was 26. Rapp’s revelation came in the wake of Weinstein’s scandalous sexual harassment row. Post this, Spacey apologised to him and attributed his misconduct to being under influence of alcohol.

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