Kamal Haasan rolls out ‘whisteblower app’ on 63rd birthday: Actor ready to take political plunge after ‘Tamil Nadu tour’

Tamil actor Kamal Haasan on Tuesday launched app “Maiyyal Whistle”, which he dubbed will be “e-vigil” tool for the...

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Tamil actor Kamal Haasan on Tuesday launched app “Maiyyal Whistle”, which he dubbed will be “e-vigil” tool for the common man to fight corruption and bureaucratic inefficiency.

Speaking on the occasion of the launch, Haasan, who is celebrating his 63rd birthday on Tuesday, said, “My app is a platform for the common man to fight the corrupt practices in the state. it is a forum for every citizen.”

Haasan said that the digital platform is a step towards reaching out to people of Tamil Nadu. “Whistle denotes whistleblowing in order to find out wrong. The app will help people blow the whistle,” Haasan said.

However, Haasan said that the app will be available only from January 2018 onward as it is still in the beta testing stage. “My app is to be launched in January. It is under research and development stage. It is like telling the script of the film before filming it. It is no great invention. Just a permutation and combination to bring out the best app for people,” Haasan said.

A file image of Tamil actor Kamal Haasan. Image by Sachin Gokhale/Firstpost

A file image of Tamil actor Kamal Haasan. Image by Sachin Gokhale/Firstpost

Stressing on goodness in public life, Haasan said that as human beings complicate things when it is easy to speak the truth. “Goodness is a cycle. It is in constant churn.”

“If you are doing something good, do it in the right away. Right people need to do the right stuff. But it is important that the intention should be good,” Haasan added.

Urging youth to understand the heartland before forming policies, Haasan said that people need to keep their foot on ground to work towards the society. Haasan added that he will also tour Tamil Nadu before thinking of the next step.

Reiterating that he is neither inclined towards the Left or the Right. Haasan added that he would be equi-distant from both.

“Maiyam in Tamil means centre. I believe in ‘equipose between the forces’,” Haasan said. “Nobody must be spared through the app, not even me if you feel I am doing something wrong,” Haasan added.

Adding that he was always inclined towards social work, Haasan said,”I had written a book 30 years ago. It was on social welfare for my fan clubs: “Tedi thiripo vaa” ( Lets seek and solve).”

On being asked when he would formally join politics, Haasan said that the app is his first priority but confirmed that he will be taking the plunge into politics.

“We can name a party any time but let us prepare ourselves first.We are at a formative level. A pregnant woman does not name the child before he/she’s born. So please don’t ask the name,” the actor said.

Asked whether an app can substitute face to face contact with the masses, Haasan quipped,” Looking at a leader is human contact. But then these leaders do not follow up. Meeting leaders is like ‘diwali crackers’. But such an app puts pressure on people in power. There needs to be a dialogue and needs to be constant.”

The actor also added that his party will never give chances to people with dubious antecedents. Clarifying on his “Hindu terror” remark, Haasan said that he never used the word “terror” but instead used “extremism” and that his statement was misconstrued.

“I said people should not use violence. I said I am fearing radicalisation, be it in the Hindu, Muslim or Christian community,” he said.


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